• Citizens for Animal Shelter, O

    “Early in the year, Schmidt learned the city was considering eliminating the police department’s animal service officers.”
    1. Santa Ana has been #2 in most animals killed at the county animal shelter, second only to Anaheim which is #1.
    2. Unfortunately, it has not been unusual to see dogs running loose in Santa Ana. I have personally see it and called the S.A. Police. I recently received this msg from a resident: “I
    hate to say it but the people who own the dogs don’t care , the
    neighbors don’t care and the city police gave me total attitude like I
    was bothering them. I will try to bring some food there tomorrow and
    water I don’t know what to do, every
    street corner had a lose dog. I wear glasses and thought I saw the dog I
    was looking for but it ended up being two new dogs on the run. I tried
    to catch them but the dog was barking at me. I feel like u, better to be
    taken to the shelter instead of hit by a darn car or killed by some
    mean kids”
    3. I have personally contacted SA council member Michelle Martinez and Matt Stockton, OC Supervisor Andrew Do’s policy adviser (Santa Ana is in his District) requesting low cost spay/neuter assistance because it is one of the BEST ways to stop the stray animals and needless killing at the shelter. Neither have done so to date. I have also spoken with S.A. police officer Rose suggesting methods of educating the residents of S.A.
    4. For the last eight years a committee of 6 assistant city managers, which was supposedly representing ALL 18 cities which contracted with the county for animal services, met onsite at the county animal shelter..NO minutes are taken and the public is BANNED from attending. It was formerly called the FOAB committee and now is renamed the City Managers Association Animal Care Committee. Membership has now expanded and Robert Carroll represents Santa Ana at these meetings. David Belmer from Anaheim is the Chair of the Committee, but same management still remains at the county shelter.
    5. I have repeatedly requested attendance at these “secret” meeting for myself and other constiuents, but to date have been denied by the Board of Supervisors and the CEO, Frank Kim and county officials….and the same management remains in charge at the shelter which allowed it to detoriate to the condition which caused the negative Orange County Grand Jury and Performance audit reports.

    THER IS CONCURRENTLY NO TRANSPARENCY, which has caused repeated Public Requests from the constituents.


  • Jasenn

    Fine them $500 for each missed meeting and then see how many don’t show up. This is a civic service they were elected to perform.

  • angie blas

    Measure PP allows to raise their salary from $200 to $1000 for every council member and Mayor for every meeting they attend.
    They are using Section code 36516 to establish their raise, however, if SantAna is divided by 6 Wards, the equation of population per every Ward is not over 250,000

  • LFOldTimer

    Someone should inform Michelle Martinez that many states have bare-boned part-time legislatures. Some examples are Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana and Utah. They do just fine. If they can do it so can Santa Ana.

    A full time council in Santa Ana would be just another way for politicians who have limited success on the outside to jump aboard the gravy train. It would be a huge mistake for the residents of Santa Ana to approve such a deal. They would regret it. It would be a 1500% pay raise for the council members and nothing more would get accomplished. In fact, they would have to dream up stuff to do that would only multiply the bureaucracy and add to the tax burden.

    Please, don’t listen to her.