• Tiffany Thompson

    Everyone knows that cops hate the homeless for some reason. I’ve worked with many deputies and their attitudes are not one of sympathy for the homeless but outright vehement hatred. one deputy in particular named Juan Villegas said that he’s glad when a homeless person dies. WTH???!!! Villegas is also running for city councilman of santa ana for Ward 5. I don’t know if many people know but I found out through public records and some private that Juan Villegas, was turned down for the LAPD because he didn’t pass the psych test. I also did some research and he was arrested for a DUI!!! WTH!! There was also an investigation into this scum for abusing his daughter. This guy was given a gun and now wants to be a councilman??? no thanks, im voting for someone more responsible and mentally stable.

  • Jacki Livingston

    Oh, look! Toddy wants someone to put up or shut up, now! Isn’t that cuuuuuuute? I find it so adorable that a man who hides behind his wife and former client’s legal robe skirts, in order to avoid testifying about how incompetent and corrupt he is, has the nerve to point his wittle finger at anyone else and talk about putting up or shutting up. When I, personally, sent Todd Spitzer and his CoS Martha Ochoa a packet of documents and internal emails, as well as federal lawsuits and evidence, about helpless elderly and disabled residents in nursing homes being beaten, robbed, raped and killed by incompetent and despicable nursing home operators being paid with county tax dollars, he could not be bothered to help these innocent and voiceless patients. He had photo ops with Karma the Wolf Dog. When I called him as a witness in court, he used illegal and unethical methods to avoid having to testify under oath. When I dared to challenge him publicly for his corruption, he sent sheriff’s deputies to my home to threaten me to shut up.

    Todd Spitzer is not merely a corrupt politician on the take. Todd Spitzer is an unethical attorney, a sniveling coward who hides behind women to avoid facing the music for his actions. He is a bully. He is a failure as a public servant, a man who accepts bribes and donations from nursing home operators who abuse and rob and rape their patients on the public dime. He was not elected for his boyish good looks or oily charm. He was elected to protect the citizens on the county who cannot defend themselves and to wisely spend and protect the hard earned money of the taxpayers. He has failed at every, single thing that he has touched. The others on the board are useless and clueless, and that is bad enough, but Spitzer isn’t stupid. He is a sociopathic egomaniac who lacks any decency or humanity, and who does not view his position as one of public duty or trust, but, rather, a place where he can pocket as much dirty taxpayer and criminal money as he can, because he knows that he is not qualified for any higher office. You will never see a Senator Spitzer, or Governor Spitzer. He just isn’t that good an actor.

    And, Toddy, if you don’t like what I say about you? Put on your big boy Underoos and actually face me, you gutless coward.

  • John Claxton

    “We should make Santa Ana put up or shut up now,” said Supervisor Todd Spitzer. Todd you are starting to sound a lot like Donald Trump – but on a much smaller scale. Nothing says let’s work together and accomplish something that works well for everyone than telling your partner “put up or shut up”. Wow!

    • David Zenger

      Yeah, but that really reflects the tenor of the County’s attitude.

      Soon, however, Spitzer will pipe up about how “incredibly proud” he is of some process of brilliant cooperation.

      • Jacki Livingston

        *applause* Well said, both of you are right on the money.

  • SantaAnaIsBroke

    They gave $10 million ($8.9 million in cash plus $1 million + in vouchers) to the former planning commissioner Mario Turner for just 69 apartment units, which won’t get built for 2-4 years and will not house homeless families…and Michelle Martinez wants to claim Santa Ana has no resources?? Ha! Ha! Ha! Her and Vince Sarmiento (still not living in City) are as corrupt as they come. Always a few tacos short of a combo plate, the city leaders just don’t recognize what a joke they are and how awful they are letting this City become. Real people suffer while for them it is all about getting re-elected (so they do not have to get a real job).

    • Juan-R-Perales

      Intetesting observation. Very disturbing that this planning commisioner shows up & advocates to further move homeless people away from the social services they desperately need in downtown.

      • Shasta Sarduho

        Downtown is the LAST PLACE the homeless should be!

        • Juan-R-Perales

          Good thing your not on the city council.

        • Jacki Livingston

          I agree. There are no social services downtown for them. It is not a good spot at all.

      • Jacki Livingston

        There are no social services downtown. That is the problem. SSA moved their offices all out to Anaheim, so there are no SSA offices in Downtown Santa Ana. The services they desperately need are at First St, between Fairview and Bristol, at the closest. SSA deliberately removed themselves from the downtown area, to get away from the homeless in the Civic Center.

        • Juan-R-Perales

          You are flat out wrong. Completely and utterly wrong . Perhaps you aren’t familiar with the Civic Center area and downtown .

          • Jacki Livingston

            I was an SSA caseworker for fourteen years, hon. I know exactly where the offices are. The closest SSA office to downtown is the CRO office at First and Walnut. The 888 N Main central office was moved to a new building across from Angel Stadium. I am not wrong…you are.

  • LFOldTimer

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly things happen (on both sides) during election season?

    Hey hey my my …… how they change with a blink of the eye.

    After November we’ll be back to business as usual.

    Watch and learn.