• LFOldTimer

    Did anyone else read that the Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund is on the verge of collapse. Beneficiaries are attempting to withdraw their shares before the house of cards finally falls. So the police and fire unions are demanding a $600mm taxpayer bailout to keep it afloat. ha.

    Coming to a theater near you soon.

  • LFOldTimer

    Good analysis, Norberto.

    Like nearly all politicians Bartlett speaks from both sides of her mouth with forked tongue. But this has been going on with the BoS for many years. Nothing new to see here. Bartlet knows the other have gotten away with it so ‘monkey see, monkey do”. That should be the motto of the BoS. It pretty much tells us everything we need to know about county government in 4 simple words.

    The police union “pay to play” political system is alive and well, as you’ve pointed out. And the BoS is all in. Not a single dissenter in the bunch. So they continue to make workers rich and richer in a job that pays on average about $230,000-$240,000 a year and has an entry educational requirement of a HS degree or GED. ha. Can you name one other job with that educational standard that pays such a compensation? Of course not. Not only has OCSD been silent about the workers responsible for enabling the jailbreak, what about informant-gate? Scott Sanders continues to uncover more dirt and Hutchens is as quiet as a church mouse. ha. There are two sets of rules and laws in our society. One for us. One for them. No wonder most people have lost faith in our leaders. Most of us don’t recognize our country anymore.

    The system is rigged, Norberto. Most of your commenters have made that clear over the years. But those at the top refuse to demand reform. They love status quo. That’s because being part of the problem is the only way to ensure a long and prosperous political career. Reformer activists in political circles are analogous to an abortion doctor at a “Right to Life” convention. Expect to be escorted out the door.

    The homeless? Eventually they will make it illegal for the homeless to congregate at the Civic Center based on the “health and safety crisis” executive order. That way they can push them off on other neighborhoods away from the county seat of government. Out of sight, out of mind. But the homeless population will explode in years to come since the US economy is built on a foundation of sand. Stay tuned.

  • David Zenger

    “Bartlett said she considered releasing her calendar but won’t allow it because she fears for the privacy of the people that meet with her.”

    Why is it that a cluster of people can act so overtly self-righteous and yet virtually in the same breath cook up some lame tale that can only be construed as shame avoidance.

    Too bad Bartlett doesn’t fear for the interests of her constituents like she does the secrecy of those who lobby her.