• LFOldTimer

    Most of the local print media is worthless as far a motivating the county to get things done. VOC does a decent job on some issues. When John and Ken clamp down on an issue and relentlessly follow it through until progress is made – there is no media source in Southern California that gets better results. John often makes fun of the mainstream print media reporters who fail to probe the pols w/obvious questions about their failures. It’s as if the mainstream print media is part of the cover-up. I believe he calls them “stenographers”.

    OCSD cops already make way too much money. Consideration for yet another big pay hike is about as ridiculous as it gets. Medical doctors are going to start to quit their practices to become deputy sheriffs if they nonsense continues. The fact that it take a physician about 10 years of higher education to obtain a license to practice and a cop only a high school degree to land a job that pays in the top 5% of all jobs in the nation makes it that much more absurd. And it’s not like the police departments have to struggle to find qualified applicants. They get about 500 applications or more for each opening. Seriously, this nonsense has to stop. It’s becoming a farce. The public safety unions own the politicians. Of course that’s the crux of the problem. But, again, the media refuses to talk about it.

  • Paul Lucas

    Good in depth expose.

  • John Claxton

    Norberto, don’t give all the credit to John and Ken. The spark started with you and the Voiceofoc! I’ve learned that when the BOS get tired of seeing their names negatively in the press / one item at a time, they will most likely take action. Yes John and Ken have a slightly bigger audience, and John tore both Martinez and Do up – would not take any nonsense. Like you said, why hasn’t this been done – 30 days after the purchase of the bus depot! Thanks Norberto – you really are making a difference here in the OC.

  • David Zenger

    A zoning issue? That’s hysterical.

    When the County wanted to put a homeless shelter in a Fullerton neighborhood next to an elementary school they threatened to use the doctrine of “sovereignty” an obnoxious strategy of one government agency doing whatever it pleases in another jurisdiction – and the citizenry be damned.

    In any case this not about zoning and we must be left wondering if Do is lying, or really that clueless. The situation is that the City of Santa Ana doesn’t want a homeless shelter anywhere and the 1st District supervisors have been pandering to them for years.