• David Zenger

    P.S. Nobody outside the KleptoBlog® even pretends to believe that Albert Steven Chavez Lodge lives in the district. It’s Harry Sidhu all over again.

  • David Zenger

    From KringCo.®:

    “Anaheim deserves a knowledgeable, experienced, committed councilwoman dedicated to residents’ needs.

    As your councilwoman I have always put you, the residents, first. Honesty, integrity, transparency, accountability and an open-door policy are my guiding principles.”

    As to the first sentence, yes, we do deserve that. That’s why I support Arturo Ferreras.

    As to the second sentence, no that’s completely false. You have put hotel, baseball team and amusement park and STR owners first – and last.

    As to the third sentence, let’s review:

    1) Honesty. No. Repeating the same stupid Big Lie over and over again is not honesty, just consistency.

    2) Integrity. No. Doing a 180 on EVERY important issue to the people who supported you in 2012 just to repay campaign loans to YOURSELF does not suggest a scintilla of integrity.

    3) Transparency. No. Last minute agenda items (Angels Giveaway ring a bell)), continuous and evident Brown Act Violations and a City Hall culture of obfuscation that makes it virtually impossible to get coherent information via Public Records Act request suggests a regime that is addicted to secrecy – and for good reason.

    KrigCo.® fail. Get lost. And tale Brandman with you as you go out the door.

    • RyanCantor

      I read the first line, immediately started chuckling.

      I read the second line, I literally laughed out loud.

      I read the third line, I laughed so hard, I actually started to cry.


      Unfreaking believable.

      • Cynthia Ward

        Ryan it was worse than that. She did not say, “saved the COST of a trial,” simply, “saved us a trial,” which means she didn’t care about the cost so much as bothering to determine the truth in a court of law with actual evidence presented. Do I believe the Police version of accounts? I want to. But I would believe it a whole lot more if I got evidence presented in open court. Like…the bullet out of Bruno, which never surfaced despite his being dead and gone and the bullet now accessible. They have to remove the bullet to cremate him. Full casket burials are highly unusual for even Police dogs. But Lucille skips right over that whole subject and leaps right to the conclusions, within MINUTES of the story going live and the APD not even concluding their investigation much less a DA investigation. THAT is who Lucille Kring is. She should not be permitted to weigh the evidence of ANYTHING, not so much as the permit for a popsicle stand.

        • RyanCantor

          Thanks for the highlight, Cynthia.

          Honestly, of all the politicians in Orange County, Lucille Kring is the most obviously unfit person to be in office.