• Paul Lucas

    jose will win because of so many candidates

    • Juan-R-Perales

      If he wins, it is because he’s first on the ballot. Voters know Pulido, Sanchez & Correa. Solorio is unknown to most voters & for good reason. He stands for nothing & Does nothing except look out for Jose.

  • LFOldTimer

    Based on all we know about Solorio – records that go back for years – if the voters elect Jose to the SA council it will simply strengthen my notion that SA is the lost, clueless city of OC without hope.

    Prove me wrong, SA voters!

    • Rivett

      SA. And Anaheim. And Fullerton. And HB. And CM. And…

  • mutheta

    Solorio also served on the Rancho Community College Board. It’s no secret about the mess there.

  • Juan-R-Perales

    Insiders know Jose; most voters do not. But, I wish they did know him as the ineffective assemblyman who never held a leadership post or as the previous Ward 1 councilman who routinely missed meetings & was ineffective.