• Jacki Livingston

    Social Services Agency is collectively nuts and corrupt. That is a great combo. You have a mix of undereducated old timers who are clinging desperately for pensions, and sleazy, conniving scam artists with “degrees” they got online, who are using this cash cow agency to make deals with the devils already raiding the public coffers. Public service used to be an honor, something people did knowing that they would be paid less than private sector, but they would have a pension. Now it is just a bunch of fat, sleazy piggies feeding at a trough, and no one cares about the public they are supposed to serve. Are there still good people in SSA? Yes. There are some fantastic people there, but they are kept down, worn down and worn out from trying to fight the good fight.

  • Fullerton Rag

    Just like the Bureau of Land Reclamation and the Army Corps of Engineers, who built numerous dams all over the American West because that’s what they did, build dams, whether or not anyone else wanted them.

  • octaxpayer

    This toll road will not resolve any traffic issues and will
    cause more on the 91 . They just want to get in the open area so they can build
    more. Far as I’m concerned all new development should stop until the water
    crisis is over.

  • Bob Brock

    Yes, clearly the traffic problem in South Orange County has now been solved and no alternative route through this area is needed. If we can get enough people to ignore the problem, it will surely go away.

  • Debby Bodkin

    The FBI and USDOJ should immediately investigate the multiple RICO crimes committed by attorneys representing OC’s toll road agencies since at least 2001. Fraudulent court documents have repeatedly been filed in Orange County Superior Courts for years with default judgments, without the filing of initial court filing fees at the time toll roads’ attorneys file a Notice of Entry of Judgment. 1000 plus lawsuits at approximately $350 a pop adds up and the citizens of Orange County would benefit if a federal agency did the job they are required to do on behalf of the public.

    And we must all remember, bondholders are now in charge financially and politically…. The TCA’s attorneys sold those in charge that the answer to the criminal RICO

  • David Zenger

    Jerry, it’s not madness, it’s just tenacity. That’s how governments works. Eventually, they will wear everybody down until the road lobby and Tony Moiso get what they want. They have lots of time and lots of money.