• Jacki Livingston

    You have a sympathetic and committed BoS? You are joking, right? The same people who refused to visit the CRO SSA office because they couldn’t handle being that close to the homeless clients and their stench? Those people? At least three, if not more, of the current ‘leaders’ *gigglesnickersnort* are taking money from organized crime and secret deals to skim money from the state with corrupted computer systems, and the DA ignores it, while they all get rich and patients die? Those people? Oh, honey, sugar, baby cakes…wake up. Until the homeless are able to donate millions to their campaign war chests, or they vote as a block? They will do a couple of compassionate expression photo ops and dance you around for the OC Shuffle. In short, my dear, you and the homeless of this county are pretty much screwed.