• BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Information. Is power. Thank you for this, for all.

    As a daily bicyclist biking fool, my best strategy for decades has been, me-watching you-watching me eye contact. Use fingers like Riley Curry during dad’s MVP speech, if you must, for impact. Ride defensively. Lots of beyond the pale fools driving big cars that can hurt you. I remember before we had ramps in the corners. Scarier. Thank you so much Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, for those.

    Riding my bike daily for errands, shopping, I get to greet at least 10 people, give or take, daily. Cordial manners practiced daily. Good thing. Pedestrians first bike peeps! Bicycles are a community builder. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cars. For far. But cars have created quite the detached in our city, town society. For around town, nothing beats bicycles, with, reminder premierm really good locks, two are best, to keep people honest now that Prop 47 has released folks that are not as honest as we are and they like to steal in lieu of doing right by their release. Just saying.

    Give us complete slow lanes and more will be riding their bikes. SloMoTranspo. Can’t wait for cargo bikes like Metrofiets, Yuba or Babboe to be the absolute norm.

    For now, my violet Schwinn Breeze, circa 1966, will suffice. Woohoo-yeah!

  • Thomas Anthony Gordon

    How can we expect pedestrians or pedestrian safety when the sidewalks in Santa Ana look like this?
    When the issue is reported to city staff for repair its dismissed outright without any repairs being made.