• annomouse

    “It’s not so much about the kids.”

    Wrong. It is all about the kids. The ignorant comments about the mental health issues facing SAUSD kids here are shocking.
    A) Not all mental health issues are the fault of bad or negligent parenting. Sometimes people are born with mental health disabilities just like people are sometimes born with physical disabilities and they can run the same gamut, from mild to severe.
    B) Even if the mental health issues are the result of bad or neglectful parenting the school system still has to deal with these kids and their problems. Many of these kids are dealing with stresses and situations that would be difficult for most adults to cope with. We tend to think of counselors as helping older students but many young children are also in dire need of counseling and support.

    What kind of society are we that we can’t provide some basic mental health services to our most vulnerable students?

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Kids with mental health issues at that age are not eating healthy, period. Growing kids must eat real food. Not junk food after sleeping, fasting all night. Watch these tweens, teens on their way to start school. Watch what goes in their hand and into their mouth. You cannot feed your brain with junk! It turns your developing brain to junk! Adults, feed these kids foods that nourish their brain, and body. Otherwise, they are walking zombies, or ticking time bombs.

    • LFOldTimer

      I used to eat junk food all the time as a kid, BeeBee. That’s part of being a kid. I got decent grades and was never in trouble with the law. I never got kicked out of school. I played on athletic teams and went on to graduate from college. Same with most of my friends. So I don’t really buy the junk food argument. I think kids act out because they aren’t being parented properly. Poor upbringings without a moral foundation. I think that accounts for 90% of the problem. My opinion.

      • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

        Indeed, yes. Poor upbringing is definitely a huge problem. Broken family, or not much of one. But just like pot today has a much stronger THC level than the 60s, 70s ganja …. junk food today is junkier (sic) and much more toxic and laced with chemicals from the monster minds of Monsanto. Frankenfoods. After all, sick people make great need inventory and therefore invoices for Big Pharma, for government “care”, insurance.

        I believe without working hard to eat well, we have malnourished, toxic, hormonal youth and it plays a part in not being wholesome or able to think clearly. Along with parental neglect, lack of discipline, focus, yes all those, and more. Sadly.

  • David Zenger

    Isn’t this the district that reduced expulsion rates…by ending expulsions?

  • LFOldTimer

    It’s not so much about the kids. You have to teach their parents to be responsible caretakers. If the parents did their job it would reduce juvenile delinquency by 80%. Kids will always be kids. It’s the adults who are the problem.