• OCservant_Leader

    Thanks Norberto for pointing out just another example of how this entrenched corruption in OC government screwed up something as obvious as public access to bathrooms at the airport. Insiders got super rich. They fly private anyway so who cares?

    Regarding the BOS’s exhaustive marketing – this group demanded their pictures be on EVERY floor of EVERY County building. It’s creepy. Trust me the public wishes they could forget their faces as they wait 10 minutes for the elevator in the County’s ghetto buildings. So what did framing and hanging the BOS’s pictures everywhere cost?

  • Jacki Livingston

    We also need to stay on top of our media figures who wag their fingers at the politicians. You have been given information regarding incredible fraud and corruption in the county, and not only have you done nothing with it, but you repeatedly wring your hands about the very issues that those documents and legal cases address. You are giving the public misleading information, and one has to wonder why? Is it because you don’t want to offend the sups and bite the hand that feeds you? If that is the case, then stop with the columns of WHYYYYYYYYYY? Whinging and whining about something when you know the answer is disingenuous, and refusing to address the criminal conduct is rapidly turning you and VoC into co-conspirators. I understand fear, Norberto. I lost my reputation and career, for doing the right thing. But you have the power to take it on, so either do it, or shut up about it.

  • David Zenger

    How about 5 porta-potties in the baggage area? They can get corporate sponsors, too.

  • Rose Tingle

    “Yet we have to stay on top of our elected officials, we need to keep
    engaging with them to get them to respond to their better angels on
    issues and think long term – even if they are politicians.” I totally agree with you Norberto! I remember back 20 years ago, if I worked past 5 p.m., I would put a letter opener up my sleeve as a weapon as I walked to my car. It has taken the Supervisors and Santa Ana officials this long to improve conditions for the homeless people and homeless animals as well, neither of which vote or donate money. It takes compassion advocates to “remind” the politicians we are all in this together. (especially at election time) WAKE UP! What we do to others, sentient beings, we are indirectly doing to ourselves, science proves it and the bible states so.

    • Jacki Livingston

      The homeless people and animals are not the ones in the most danger. The danger facing the elderly and disabled at nursing homes in this county is so bad, I would rather sleep naked at the Civic Center with dollar bills tied to me, than to be placed in a nursing home in the County. The criminal abuse, rape, theft, murder and conspiracy going on, with the aid and profit of county officials, is what should be scaring the bejesus out of you.