• David Zenger

    “I sustain that “weakest” is simply the word Gandhi chose to describe the voice…”

    And I maintain that you meant to write “maintain” but that it came out “sustain.” In the future, please abstain from use of the word “sustain” unless it makes sense.

  • Rintrah

    Mr. Y- Correa says “In nearly 30 years of working with immigrants from México, Central
    America, Southeast Asia and other parts of the globe, seldom, if ever,
    have I heard a woman, man or child say that they prefer to be in Santa
    Ana more than in their native lands.” This is a ludicrous statement. I have taught ESL for 30 years in the same city and most immigrants that I have met are here to escape political, religious or economic hardships. You are clearly out of touch with the realities of the immigrant community. Tell a Salvadorena who was driven out under threat of being raped or a VN imprisoned in a Gulag that they prefer their home countries.

  • As our representative on the council I look forward to the increased participation and representation of all to work on a better Santa Ana for all.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    Beautifully said Mr. Patrick. Through your leadership, all the residents of Santa Ana will have a voice and a seat at the table.