• loudchapina

    In the meantime other citizens who were also under the influence get stuck with a DUI on their record, hefty fines, and no license. Must be nice to be in his position and get a free ride home from PD. How many other times has he driven under the influence? Wondering who else in high government positions get special treatment! Power corrupts!

  • Rivett

    “During that time period all these documents will … remain confidential because of the criminal investigation.”

    Yeah right. The problem isn’t that you can’t see the info because there’s an investigation, they are simply using a supposed investigation (there isn’t one) as a pretext to keep anyone from seeing the info until they’ve got their ducks (excuses) in a row.

    if they don’t want you to see something, it’s deemed a ‘personnel matter’ or part of an ongoing investigation, therefore carte blanche excuse to keep prying eyes out.

  • LFOldTimer

    Oh, so now we get the rest of the story…….and follow-up information from the former Fullerton police chief who just took a new job at Disneyland. lol.

    How many of you think that if you jumped a curb at 1:30 am and struck a tree with alcohol on your breath that you wouldn’t get a breathalyzer test? ha.

    More Hillary Clinton justice.

  • Paul Lucas

    Ill bet one could acquire the video footage of CC cameras at the various election night parties to see and count how many cocktails Felz had that night before the incident. I wold suggest a lawsuit filed under FOIA to get the dashcam and body camera footage and audio.

    • LFOldTimer

      I suspect that due to technical difficulties the video would be inaccessible.

      Wait for it……