• Jacki Livingston

    SSA employees are being warned to gear up for backlash from homeless who will soon have to leave the touted shelter, due to insurance liabilities and costs. So I guess the largesse lasted until the election. Nice. The Anaheim workers are expecting a rise in cases because they intend to move the folks up there.

  • Paul Lucas

    Bravo Norbert. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

  • Citizens for Animal Shelter, O

    “Spitzer and county supervisors want to establish a legal precedent that
    they get to email back and forth with public (taxpayer-funded)
    executives in secret.”

    This is very serious, lack of transparency in government. County Community Resources already has been having secret meetings with the City Managers Association Animal Care Committee. Little to nothing was ever done to improve conditions, and the evidence of this is 5 OC Grand Jury Reports, negative performance audit report, protests, lawsuits and on and on. The taxpayers have continually objected and requested attendance to these meetings to work as a team with oversight and Board of Supervisors have refused.

    Some people have complained about the one new county animal shelter….GEESH… but if the Supervisors had become involved and had it built years ago, the costs would be much cheaper……. And keep in mind San Diego County with the same population, has 3 county animal shelters and 4 nonprofit Humane Society campuses which help with adoptions and teach Humane Education to children vs Orange county which has one county animal shelter and zero nonprofit humane society campuses.

    This is not only about transparency in government and animal welfare. It is also about our children growing up to better citizens.

    • Jacki Livingston

      You worry about the animals while tens of thousands of human patients are being raped, robbed abused and killed in nursing homes who are paying off the BuS with donations. Now there are organized crime members using rigged county computers and buying up substandard facilities, and no one cares. Sounds to me that dogs are better off than LTC patients.

  • OCservant_Leader

    Nice summary Norberto. Good luck in your lawsuit. This BOS is out of control. You have accurately described the state of Orange County government.

    These politicians and their tax payer paid endless campaign machine has abdicated their public responsibility.

    Although there is an army of bureaucrats paid to solve these public problems they find out quickly they work for the campaigns whether they like it or not.