• OCservant_Leader

    This scam is the poster child of this corrupt organized crime family in power in the OC.

    Unsuspecting citizens literally drive right into their profit generating trap.

  • Debby Bodkin

    Someone needs to research the relationship between plaintiffs’ class counsel and the Nossaman law firm, a firm that has represented the corrupt Foothill Eastern Transportation and San Joaquin Hills Transportation, aka TCA for years, despite multiple conflicts of interests.

    The Nossaman firm represents the TCA in the federal lawsuit and also serves as General Counsel to the TCA. This law firm fraudulently obtained hundreds of toll road default money judgments against hundreds of unsuspecting citizens and despite a law that requires an initial court filing fee be paid upon Notice of Entry of Judgment, to date, OC Superior Court Judge Corey Cramin (and possibly other Judges) have refused to hold the OC toll roads accountable. The Nossaman law firm is fully aware of the illegal acts of Judgment Recovery Assistance, the company who takes over enforcement of the same fraudulent money judgments that have destroyed the financial affairs of many citizens who once believed that everyone in the USA would be guaranteed the fair administration of justice in a court of law.

    I hope that plaintiffs’ class counsel immediately files a Motion to Disqualify the Nossaman law firm from representing the toll road agencies in the federal lawsuit before Judge Guilford. If plaintiffs’ class counsel do not file a Motion to Disqualify the Nossaman firm, then it is very SUSPICIOUS.

    Based on personal knowledge and belief as a non-attorney, it is a disgrace that the OC Board of Supervisors who simultaneously serve on the Boards of Directors of the TCA enable multiple RICO crimes involving the TCA attorneys and judgment enforcement vendor, Judgment Recovery Assistance. They have all received multiple written reports regarding crimes committed against the public to date and have REFUSED to take corrective action. Where is the FBI and USDOJ?