• That Guy
  • Greg Diamond

    Good for Michele Martinez. This must have been a hard vote for her, but she did the right thing. I’m no fan of Cavasos, but I’m even less of a fan of giving the City back to the Police Union.

    Solorio is truly a shiny-eyed wretch, showing that his warm handshake with Sen. Ted Cruz was a mistake but not an accident. No wonder that, with all that money spent on his behalf by government agents who want impunity from their abuse of Latinos, he still couldn’t clear 50%. I hope that someone is already starting a file on him to blow a hole in his upcoming Mayoral campaign. Then again, his being elected Mayor might be the shortest route to a prison sentence, so there’s that.

    Jesse, LFOT, Tom — read the story more closely and see what it says about the Tenth Amendment. The argument isn’t quite as definitive as the law professor says, but an “anti-commandeering” ruling on this is still the way to bet.

    • LFOldTimer

      I concur with your opinions on the police union and Solorio – but for reasons that go far beyond the cosmetic ones that you mentioned.

      The Feds have withheld Fed funds from state and municipal governments for refusing to comply with mandated Federal requirements pursuant to Federal law. The precedent is there if you care to research it.

      Many Federal grants to municipalities come with riders that require compliance with Federal mandates as a condition of acceptance of those funds (grants). I’ve been told by knowledgeable sources that non-compliance might not only jeopardize future grants – but past funds (grants) already transferred via claw-backs.

      And if you read the law professors statement more closely you would note that he or she did not specify which funds (grants) are protected under the 10th Amendment.

      Besides, FWIW, it’s just another legal opinion. Those are a dime a dozen.

  • Jesse James

    Okay…So, Santa Ana can’t be compelled by the Federal government to adhere to US immigration laws. That should be alright. Then, City of SANCTUARY FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, shouldn’t expect to receive Federal credit, grants or funding to repair their roadways, educate their illegal children, provide medical funding, or contribute to their low income housing programs, food stamps, and welfare (SSI, GENERAL RELIEF, MEDICAID, etc.). Let their corrupt civil officials get all their financial aid and support from the cartel. If the USA stops accreditation to the higher learning institutions. [Remember, the terrorist attacks. They got to learn how to fly, right here in the good ol’ USA.] And upon which they attempt to distribute their drugs outside of the communities, that permits their illegal ventures, the Federal government should ponce on them with the fullest extent of the military and law ‘abiding’ enforcement agencies, and prosecute and sentence their criminals as harshly as humanly possible. Pedophiles, rapist, gangsters, drug mongers, hit-and-run drivers, etc. I doubt if the city of sanctuary will be able to withstand the power and pressure, that can be dispensed by the collective ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’. Santa Ana has essentially declared WAR on America and it’s legitimate citizens. They should be dealt with, by the exact same measures, as the USA would fight it’s enemies. If they don’t, their treasury will further develop, increase and spread, like a virus, across this entire nation. It’s been happening in Santa Ana for more than 20 years. They have deliberately exodused the entire African American population from Santa Ana, eliminating virtually all employment from non-hispanic workers, and monopolized the apartment/housing market…all in their mischievous effects to solidify and gain control of what they think belongs to them. Trump isn’t America’s problem. In time, American citizens will recognize the real enemy within…if they haven’t seen it coming already.

    • LFOldTimer

      You make way too much sense. But be careful.The California collectivists might eventually order your deportation to Idaho. 🙂

      It’s so bizarre that Trump has been labeled the evil one by the left for merely wanting to honor his sworn oath of office by defending the US Constitution and upholding the laws. And those aren’t egregious or unjust laws. By and large they’re the same immigration laws that every other nation on earth enforces to protect the sovereignty of their lands and the social/economic health of their citizens. How could any American with any sense of decency oppose protecting the sovereignty of the nation or the well-being his/her fellow citizens and legal immigrants?

      All of us welcome LEGAL immigrants who play by the rules and come to America in an orderly and honest way. Millions of them have filled out their paperwork, paid their fees and waited patiently in line for a decade or longer for that INS Notification of Approval that clears their arrival through a Port of Entry. We welcome LEGAL immigrants with open arms!

      The same people who applaud and protect illegal migrants would blow a gasket if someone cut in line in front of them at the grocery store!

      And this has nothing to do with race. It’s a dispute between nations. Illegal migrants hurt all citizens and legal immigrants (regardless of race) by stealing jobs and using scare taxpayer funded resources. And the illegal act of crossing the border inevitably results in subsequent crimes like labor law violations (stealing jobs), identity theft, welfare fraud – and creates new crime industries that targets the illegals who enter the country. Think about it….about 25% of the jail beds in California are occupied by illegal foreigners. And those are for felonious violations unrelated to immigration laws. That’s a major problem.

      So you’re 100% on point, Jesse. This is pure stinking thinking on part of the collectivists who are anti-civilization and pro-anarchistic behavior.

      If they don’t like the immigration laws they should work to change them – but not promote criminality or protect those who engage in such behavior.

  • LFOldTimer

    This is uncanny.

    Santa Ana has a terrible problem with a lack of affordable housing for its residents, a rising crime rate and a city full of abject poverty.

    And what does the City Council do?

    They open their doors to the importation of more poverty, crime and overcrowded living conditions. lol.

    This is as crazy as a Mel Brooks movie.

    • Tom

      I wonder how Santa Ana will fare after their federal funding is taken away for being a ‘sanctuary city’.

      The last laugh will be had by the taxpayers and not the taxtakers.