• BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    If a City does not do right by its community neighborhoods, it will then stress, oppress, depress, regress them with a Police State. Neighbors should help neighbors not neighbors lynching neighbors. Cities should empower this and not use neighborhoods just to justify cash for the few in city hall by paperwork generated. Not sustainable. Bad karma. Get it together and do right for the People, not lobbyists, you serve.

  • Judy Allen

    PAID LEAVE?????? What good is that? He’ll be resting at home on OUR tax dollars!

  • loudchapina

    The new councilman is named Juan. Not all Latinos are named Jose!

  • Antonio Montana

    It is no secret that there are a large contingent of citizens in Santa Ana (and let’s not forget Phoenix) who hate the fact that David Cavasos is being paid several hundreds of thousands of dollars to do a job where he should be making about half as much as he currently is. And the city council approves $15,000 bonuses like they are Lil Wayne making it rain in a strip club. It is also no secret that the city budget’s biggest chunk (like every other city) goes to police salaries. Cavasos and Napoleon Rojas worked together to create a huge savings of funds by obliterating staffing levels on the streets. That problem was compounded by the fact that coloring book cry room liberals (like the former city council) in our great state also passed ridiculous proposition 47 (and now 57) and released tens of thousands of prison inmates who have no business on the streets; which ironically is where the vast majority ended up. Those staffing levels and increase in crooks on the streets created a mess that resulted in a huge spike in violent crime within Santa Ana’s impoverished barrios. I would argue the city is/was lucky not to be bankrupted by lawsuits filed by homicide victims families based on the abysmal staffing levels alone. Not to mention the fact that the media has reported at least 2 incidents this year involving Santa Ana cops being shot or shot at by gang members. Given the staffing crisis on the streets and the actions of the emboldened criminal element in Obama’s America, I would want the city manager and police chief removed as well if I was one of those cops. Then again, I doubt David Cavasos minds if he gets to stay home in his MacArthur tower apartment funded by the city while on paid leave. Must be a rough life to live up there and bang whatever subordinate employee you want without any reprocussion or consequence…all while getting paid like a pro athlete and having the chief of police in your shirt pocket (almost literally possible).

    • kennyb the unassuming Blk/Male

      How can I forget Phoenix. I am a retired Motorcycle cop with 33 years of service. I saw what Cavasos did here. I think he has a pic of some people sleeping with goats.