• Rivett

    This is a toughie, there’s not one among them, police union, Cavazos, Don Miguel and the rest, that deserve anything but contempt. Let them fight, and may they all lose.

    • David Zenger

      Yes, that’s very true, but the way they are doing it is pretty bad. And the whole city is going to have to pay for 2 city managers.

  • Paul Lucas

    Well with Anaheim in the hands of a majority that is focused on the residents we can focus our attention on Santa Ana and remove the yoke of Pulido like we did Brandman.

  • Mike Tardif

    Now the pressure will be on each of the 3 council members who did not attend the meeting and did not vote to be the 5th vote for dismissal. How long will it be tolerated that the City is paying a large sum to a no-show city manager? Who will be that 5th vote?

    • gustavoarellano

      Now the pressure is for Mike Tardiff to say something that actually matters

  • Paul Lucas

    Santa Ana has really become a banana republic in carnate.

  • kburgoyne

    There is zero reason to come to any conclusions about the city manager in regard to what happened here. Whether the city manager should be ousted or not, this was yet another banana republic move and a clear slap to the face of democracy. This was by no means an “emergency” and completely failed to justify deliberately calling a meeting while the other members were out of town. So while the legitimacy of the city manager is debated, the mayor has now brought into question his own legitimacy in connection with abuse of power.

  • astar2b

    Don’t blame the city manager for the salary… Who were the folks that hired him…?

  • Bruce Durgess

    Corrupt mayor; over paid city manager. Clear the swamp of them all.

  • David Zenger

    So they’re going to keep paying this guy his outrageous salary while he’s sitting at home?

    And Miguelito, who would be in jail except we have no DA in this county, is the shot caller?

    No bueno!