• Jacki Livingston

    Certainly an imperfect man, but a man committed to all people. When you compare him to the self serving, racist, serial adulterer, predator, liar, dirtball that some people will call President after next week (barring a miracle), it is a disgrace to this nation how far we have sunk in terms of leaders. Both parties are guilty of pushing scum on us, and calling them statesmen. The union is, frankly, over. CalExit is California’s hope, and the rest of the USA will have to be divided, because the regressive extremists on the right and the crazed factions on the left have polarized us to where there is no compromise, no civility, no compassion and no humanity remaining. We’re done. Like Rome, and others, we are finished. Let’s just admit it, because the alternative is revolution and war.

    • Dr. Patricia Adelekan

      I do have hope for the US and the world. But we all must do something; not just standby and watch things happen or care for “our own.”