• LFOldTimer

    That photo depicts a woman on a mission from God.

    The SA residents can sleep soundly tonight knowing that the fate of their city is in the hands of Martinez. 🙂

  • David Resendez

    Isn’t Pulido’s son dating the Acting City Manager’s daughter? If so, Miguel is back to his old tricks.

  • Shirley L. Grindle

    Was disappointed to see Michelle Martinez participate in the hastily called meeting to oust Cavazos. Obviously the meeting was scheduled at a time when many of the councilmembers were out of town. Martinez should have insisted the meeting be rescheduled in front of a full council, rather than participate in this underhanded scheme.


    Michelle, blow me

  • Really Batman

    Gobble, gobble. Will there ever be a time when corruption is void of governments, I mean between the OC Sheriff and LA Sheriff, somebody is always breaking the law it seems.

  • kburgoyne

    Hey Nick, there’s a reporting side to this that’s probably being overlooked. How do we know if the Santa Ana police are making efficient use of taxpayer dollars through their approach to law enforcement, or inefficient use of taxpayer dollars? This is NOT meant as a “leading question”. It is meant as a completely honest question.

    Suppose one were to hide which government department was under discussion and one only talked about increasing taxpayer dollars to that department, how would most conservatives respond if they didn’t know it was the police? They’d challenge “government is inefficient” and thus claim the additional spending is just “big government waste”. But yet when it comes to the police, there seems to be a lack of in-depth discussion about whether any given police department’s approach to law enforcement is the most cost effective. Generally conservatives, who are usually the ones challenging spending of taxpayer money, suddenly switch to “give them whatever they want” and any discussion about “inefficiency” (or not) gets thrown to the roadside.

    Crime rate is NOT the sole metric of the efficiency of a police department. The efficiency of a police department would be something more along the lines of crime rate per capita relative to dollars spent. Of course it’s somewhat more complex since some consideration has to be made for the environment. However that doesn’t eliminate the legitimacy of asking whether the police department is as efficient as it could be, or whether it just wants to throw more and more and more officers on the street without any consideration for whether officers are being utilized in the most efficient fashion.

    This is NOT any kind of claim there is anything wrong with the officers themselves. Our current political atmosphere is often filled with people rushing to assign blame rather than actually understanding all the subtle details. I’m sure the officers all try to do the best they can within the directions they are given. The question is more likely whether the directions they are given are the best they could be.