• Jacki Livingston

    Dear Alf,
    I testified before you people three times. I laid bare my humiliation, and abuse, by senior managers at SSA. I admitted to my own mistakes, I was grilled about every aspect of my life. I did it in good faith, to bring to you growing evidence of a link between organized crime and OC nursing homes that have been abusing, assaulting and robbing helpless patients for years. I also showed you links of donations to the politicians in the OC who refused to rein in these homes, who were not just ripping off patients, but the taxpayers, by rigging the billing systems to double and triple bill. I then sent you proof that Todd Spitzer illegally and against the rules of the State Bar, used tactics to avoid testifying, used County deputies to threaten and harass me in my home, and that he did acts that should have led to his disbarrment. I sent more proof, when it was found. I sent case files, emails, letters, showing a long, dark and horrific decade of growing nepotism and illegal acts in the agency. Senior managers selling drugs, engages in acts with subordinates and exchanging those acts for promotions. You did nothing. You responded with nothing. I was forced out, blackballed, abused and harassed and now cannot get a job because the county is violating the law, by giving me a false and negative reference. You did nothing. You couldn’t be bothered.

    So, answer me this…what good are you? All I saw was people sitting around complaining and drinking coffee.

  • Glen Huntley

    Alf, Thank you for your service on the OC Grand Jury. Most I have met on the OC Grand Jury have been nothing but great people doing great work. While my opinion piece posted on this site is critical of the pubic watchdog work product and value it brings the public, I totally respect your and others contributions to a greater good. Great things come from differing opinions and it is my hope that the OC Grand Jury and others evaluate the public watchdog role of the OC Grand Jury. If my comments are proved wrong, I will happily let you and others know. Investigate the worthiness of the OC Grand Jury’s public watchdog role. That is all that is asked. And no one has ever asked this question.

    • OCservant_Leader

      Sir- Are you intentionally spinning mis-information or are you so ignorant about our Democracy that you continue your idiotic question of why Grand Jurys or “Public Watchdogs” are criticial to a government of the people, by the people, for the people?

      The obvious answer lies in the actual purpose and scope of the Civil Grand Jury. (Please re-read this Op-Ed)

      Were you homeschooled?

      I am happy to let you know that irregardless of your understanding, you are WRONG in your conclusion.

      When I hear a lie- I will call it out. In these scary days of government control being ripped from the average citizens by the wealthiest 1% (I like to refer to this as Organized Crime) we must all stay viligent!

      Any further attempts by you Sir -to lie, mislead or further confuse our children with more nonsensical double-talk like “why do we need a public watchdog” is going to bring more civic lessons (which you obviously dearly need).

      For now – le’s start with the definition of Democracy in Wikileaks – click here – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy.

      Please review and we can begin to compare and contrast the role of citizen watchdogs in the following types of government: Democracy, Monarchy & Theocracy.

      BTW – I am prepared for your next OP-Ed questioning the Freedom of the Press.

      • LFOldTimer

        “BTW – I am prepared for your next OP-Ed questioning the Freedom of the Press.”


  • OCservant_Leader

    Great Op-Ed and I would like to thank all past and future Grand Jurors for their service to our Democracy.

    I have found the Grand Jury reports to be incredibly detailed, informative and professional.

    As a former career-Manager at OC Government, I can tell you that we looked forward to the reports and studied the facts, performance measures and recommended outcomes with great interest.

    I was often surprised by the Grand Juror’s level of research into the bowels of our bureaucracy.

    I was also very interested in what was going on in the other Agencies, although it was disheartening to see the same patterns of poor management.

    One change, I would like to see, is Name – names. Why are incompetent Managers allowed to be faceless, nameless bureaucrats? I was a Manager and as such assumed I would be accountable for my actions. Why aren’t they? Allowing anonymity just continues the cycle of mismanagement and is costly to the taxpayers.

    Until there is “any” accountability with Managers (Appointees) who are paid by the taxpayers…Nothing will change.