• Enrique Romero

    Um, ya more fake news-ish (news without context, balance, etc..) going on here. Nothing new for Voice of OC. This article, like some of the low acumen comments, would be comical if it were not a reflection of how poorly verse the public is.

    Here’s some added context. No cities the size of or like ours have ethics policies because it is the jurisdiction of the county ethics board, Attorney General (AG), California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC), etc.

    The policy that existed briefly (since 2004) was an ill-considered and half-baked concept that the prior council members dreamed up at the turn of the century mark. It is believed this was concocted because of community pushback about the over development (that led to congestion we have today) by the city council back then. This policy had no means for oversight and no provisions to keep it current, which is why no one updated it.

    Fast forward to present day. The only persons using this are local bullies that are trying to attack the city council with fake issues because they want to continue to exploit our town with their vacation rentals in residential neighborhoods outside of the designated vacation rental areas.

    If people want the facts they are better off going to the source instead of resources like Voice of OC.

    • verifiedsane

      So let’s sum up your position: local government ethics and corruption are Sacramento’s problem. It’s not rocket science to determine that the evidence & functional reality does not support your wayward conclusions. Your boondoggle comment shows you have more than simply an opinion skin in this city counsel slight of hand game in support of a NO GOVERNMENT ETHICS OR ACCOUNTABILITY policy. An ill-informed bully pointing fingers at others calling them bullies simply presents no substantive argument, or does it add any vitality to your misguided position.

      • Enrique Romero

        Your sum is based on your own reality.

        Here’s a quick recap for you. While accountability is key it already exists AND no other cities have like ours have it. As for the bullies…they are profiteers seeking to further exploit our town and do not care about what they foul up to meet their objectives.

        All, notice that their reply did not refute the facts. Just tried to twist my words. This person who hides their identity is either one of the bullies or a puppet of theirs.

  • Shirley L. Grindle

    You should never never rely on the “fox to guard the chicken coop”. Enforcing ethics at the local level is a big problem for most Orange County cities BECAUSE we have a District Attorney who doesn’t want to enforce these types of violations ESPECIALLY when it involves other prominent Republican officials.
    Would suggest that the Orange County Ethics Commission could enter into contracts with individual cities to enforce their campaign ordinances as well as conflicts of interest and other ethics violations.

  • verifiedsane

    Why have a silly ethics policy with leaders that have none….another example of government serving the people , NOT!

    “That kind of speaks to the character of your elected official…whether
    they’re gutsy enough to hold their colleagues accountable.”