• Philmore

    No matter WHAT the level of spending authority granted, the issue of ACCOUNTABILITY has not been addressed by mandating timely DISCLOSURE of the expenses, which needs to be done at least AS A STAFF REPPORT FOR AN AGENDIZED ITEM at some frequent interval (quarterly, monthly, per meeting) instead of requiring PIR requests from the public AFTER THE FACT. Disgraceful that a city spending significant agenda and meeting time on AWARDS AND PROCLAMATIONS lets the CM THUMB HIS NOSE at SPENDING ACCOUNTABILITY under the guise of “efficiency” when his OWN opportunity for transparency, “City Manager Comments” in the Meeting goes largely UNUSED, and during his tenure, each City Budget has buried HUNDREDS of items, totaling $ Millions in the “Line Item” version (see the City website) under category 4781 “Misc. Professional Services” TOTALLY WITHOUT REFERENCE OR EXPLANATION.
    There is also an increasing “efficiency” trend of Agenda items “pre-approving” lists of contractors for “no-bid” work in certain categories if they agree to certain rates, with NO MENTION of accountability. NO BID means NO COUNCIL APPROVAL means NO AGENDA ITEM FOR THE PUBLIC, right ?

  • Cynthia Ward

    Tom Wood justified his $250K signing authority claiming he had to approve enviro doc contracts for RDA projects. But when I put in CPRA for the list of what he spent in the one year he had that authority, I think only one (maybe two) of those expenses was in that line. Records show he spent ONE MILLION DOLLARS in one day, $250K at a time, for different components of the same project.

    The Change Order for the Convention Center was a STOP WORK order to Turner, despite Turner documenting that they wanted to keep working, even offering to carry the cost of the Convention Center on their own shoulders until they caught up, the City demanded they stop and then bill the City. This was then used to get an expedited trial in the CATER challenge to the bonds, and without the time to conduct Discovery for the fraud we also hoped to prove in the approval of the Con Center bonds, we lost on a technicality. The City Attorney then turned around and blamed CATER for the loss of millions in delay claims for the project, claims that as of my most recent request HAD NOT BEEN PAID despite Declarations under penalty of perjury that they HAD been covered, and ALL OF IT without City Council knowing this was taking place! How much power does the UNELECTED staff have over there?! When they can use change orders to cover their own failure to manage the project, the taxpayers lose and nobody on staff is held accountable. This needed to stop and I am glad THIS Council majority takes their job seriously, instead of just checking out and saying over and over again like a recording, that they “trust staff” while blowing gratuitous smoke up their kilts at every opportunity to get them buttered up to do their bidding, Anaheim has some of the HARDEST WORKING professional staff in the nation, but the department heads are often chosen more for their political hiney-kissing ability and willingness to never tell officials their idea sucks and will hurt the City. So the hard working staff have to watch people who have risen beyond their abilities screw things up and then use our tax money to cover the screw ups. It is time to watch out for the taxpayers and the staff who deserve better leadership so they can be proud of their projects. Thank you Anaheim City Council (minus 3) for last night’s votes for accountability.

  • David Zenger

    “Either we trust the city manager or we don’t trust the city manager,” Kring said.

    Exactly right.