• Karma Life

    No longer “Garbage Grove”? Apparently you don’t get out much and are completely oblivious of what Southern California, in its entirety, thinks of Garbage Grove. Garbage Grove is still the filthy mess it’s been for decades. And to make matters worse, now you allow these hideous McMansions, that are absolutely atrocious, to be built in the old, formerly quaint neighborhoods. Garbage Grove is an embarrassment to the entire county of Orange, as is Westminster, which wreaks.

  • David Zenger

    Is this some sort of joke?

    So bed tax is up three million. Okereke admits ALL the hotels are doing better. But lets just say the $3,000,000 is all due to the water park. At $3MM per year return, this extravagant $75MM waste of public resources can NEVER be paid back. The proceeds can’t even be invested since they will go to buy down GGs structural budget deficit.

    And speaking of deficits, with the evident intellectual deficit of the mayor, it’s hard to see any change in GG at all. Stars are aligned? Really?

  • LFOldTimer

    You can put a dress on a pig and slap on some lipstick.

    But at the end of the day…..it’s still a pig.