• Sisu54

    OC DPW and California Coastal Commission and the state of California are violating President Carter and Obama’s FEMA floodplain, floodway Acts, the Federal Clean Water Acts, Federal and State Stormwater rules, regulations and laws by allowing non-permitted developments in the resource area.

    The ACLU which usually sues local governments for Clean Water violations are out of control and pushing to allow the point and non point pollution of the river to continue and worsen.

    Non-profits like the ACLU and Donate Cars for the homeless along with professional paid agitators are using the homeless to pull in thousands and thousands of dollars in donations to support their executive level staffs and employee benefits.

    Most non profits involved in helping the OC homeless have millions and millions of assets but don’t spend any money on actually helping the homeless.

    The county has thousands of acres of land they can relocate these folks to.

    Look for the EPA or US Army Corp of Engineers to issue a legal consent decree to the county DPW to move the homeless out of the resource area.

    Lots of folks on the river are choosing to party, hang out and do drugs. I feel sorry for those who are actually homeless due to circumstances and not choice.

    Too bad all the non profit fat cats are making money off the poor. More public pain for private gain!!!!

    • OCservant_Leader

      You make valid points. I agree with you, I don’t want an encampment in an environmentally sensitive area either. BTW The BOS don’t give a flying duck about ANY of the laws you cite.

      However, local law enforcement directed all the homeless to go there. (My guess this directive came from the County)

      They had no where else to go. Did the County Identify an alternative site?? No.

      So here we are. Another poorly thought out strategy from the County of Orange.

      All anger needs to be directed at those paid to manage these Public Health/Safety Issues.

      The OC BOS should be sued for Abrogation of Duty.

  • Thanks for the great conversation and the shout-out, Norberto! I’ve been quoting you all over town. But Sunday’s delivery of items for the riverbank residents wasn’t the result of my Facebook post but the work of these good folks: http://www.knawledgeeverywear.com/

  • Greg Lamon

    Nelson is trying to sell a worn out excuse of funding limits, while political leaders in other parts of So. Cal have displayed real leadership by proposing tax increases to fund homeless services. Orange county has been playing the tune of being under-equity in the flow of money from Sacramento for over 30 years now. And, now that the bankruptcy debt is paid off it is no excuse at all. You may remember that in the last budget cycle the Supervisors had extra money they used to fund a lot of fluff, like an events coordinator so the Supervisors would have well planned ribbon cutting events to go to.. It is not about lack of money, it is about lack of political leadership plus no one being able to figure out a solution that voters will accept for this nation-wide social calamity, including crusading editorialists.

  • LFOldTimer

    Tax revenues for all these local governments must be at an all time high with the property value bubble in OC. There’s no reason why the county and cities can’t pool a fund to help the homeless. I don’t mean a give-a-way or freebie program. Why not a jobs program like Anaheim adopted? $9/hr. meals and a place to sleep at night. Put these folks to work and give them a reason to get up in the morning. If Anaheim can do it so can the other municipalities.

    I thought this was the reason the county hired the well-paid homeless czar. To coordinate programs that help the homeless. What’s she been doing? Could we see her work schedule?

    And please – no more ‘End Homelessness’ committees. All they did was produce lots of hot air and more administrative costs. The county should go talk to the leaders in Anaheim and follow their lead.

    Oh, and where the h*ll is Rusty Kennedy???

    • David Zenger

      “Oh, and where the h*ll is Rusty Kennedy??? Writing up another ‘hate crimes’ report and creating more divisiveness between the races?”

      He gets his $ from the County and from the cops, so he will never take a stand that will offend either.

      • LFOldTimer

        In all the blogs and articles I read about the homeless problem in OC I haven’t seen CEO Rusty Kennedy’s name mentioned even once. Why is that? Shouldn’t the homeless problem be a primary concern for the OC Human Relation’s agency? Rusty has a whole army of Human Relation Specialists working for him. Why aren’t they down on the riverbed using their dispute resolution skills to build a bridge between the homeless community and the county? Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do? How much are we paying these people? How much are we paying Rusty? What are we getting for our money other than an annual hate crime report? A hate crime report doesn’t bring anybody together. It just makes people mad at one another and probably perpetuates more hate crimes.

        Where are you Rusty? The homeless need your services!

  • OCservant_Leader

    OC BOS now “throwing rocks at the homeless”…

    Well said Norberto.

    (I wonder which OC Public Work’s Manager had this idea as his P4P goal?)

    I still want to see the statement from the MIA “Homeless Czar” & please point to what page of my “Ending Homelessness by 2010/(scratch) 2020 (delete) report the County spent $100k’s developing?

    This is just BAD public policy.

  • David Zenger

    We need a czar. Oh, wait…

    • kburgoyne

      Please, can we have no more “czars” and no more “wars on”. I’d be nice to change from using soundbites to using neurons.