• I notice the buffoon Solorio asked to drop the violations to monetary fines only, in keeping with his money-grubbing status. Maybe it will help with the ICE contract deficit.

  • Mike Tardif

    This will be a difficult ordinance to enforce as Santa Ana’s Code Enforcement Dept. is already understaffed. I don’t expect much to change in this regard.

  • LFOldTimer

    I feel sorry for the brick and mortar mom and pop store and restaurant owners in Santa Ana who have the overhead operating costs of a building and all the health regulation food inspections that go along with it. These trucks that move from neighborhood to neighborhood could put them out of business. Plus, they’re an eyesore to the community. It adds to the 3rd world atmosphere. The store and restaurant owners should protest and demand a strict limit on the number of trucks that can operate within the city.