Don’t Let Costa Mesa Become Irvine

Dear Mr. Editor-in-Chief,
Would you be interested in investigating the city of Costa Mesa’s desire to become “like Irvine”, aka, the model CC&R city, with regards to residential property rights (Title 20)? Instead of following due process or city procedures already in place for repeat offenders of Title 20, the planning commission recommends restricting use of my own private property for a non-operational vehicle. Adding more restrictions, doubling fines, adding new fines and the adage that living with rules similar to Irvine will increase our property values are the issues that drive our elected and appointed officials. By the way, collecting these fines will bring new revenue needed to contribute to the $16 million budget shortfall for 2010-11. I question why the council is not interested in preserving the rights my father fought for in WWII — preserving freedom, life and the pursuit of happiness without interference from government bureaucracy.

Time for Another Political Party

I hear so many people complain about our two-party system, how it only works for special interests with deep pockets. Republicans are tired of the right wing being too left, and the Democrats ignore what they promised in their campaigns. In recent times a great example is healthcare. The only winner in this battle was the deep pocketed healthcare industry, by a landslide! It is time for a new party to start.

An Opinion on Proposition 16

Why haven’t we been hearing more about PG&E’s Scam about Proposition 16? To me it is obviously a corporation trying to protect it’s power monopoly through the initiative process. Read a few facts here. I am outraged when I see their TV ads proclaiming the proposition “protects” taxpayers and voters…it is a prop that can be approved by 51 percent of voters that will require 66 percent of registered voters to allow a city to open their market to competitive bidding. The city of LA has its DWP, the city of Anaheim has its city Owned Power Company and I believe Long Beach and San Diego do also.

San Juan Capistrano ‘Entirely too Involved in Real Estate Dealings’

Since you quoted me, sort of, allow me the opportunity to be clear. I think the City is entirely too involved in real estate dealings. The fact that they even own the property in question is a past mistake. If the current Council makes a deal too favorable to Wal-Mart, they will have used public funds to the detriment of existing retailers in our area. I have no opinion about Wal-Mart itself.

Kudos to Voice of OC

Congrats on your pioneering work. I have long been worried about the demise of the watchdog journalist. Who will ask the tough questions, who will keep them accountable? I have been left craving hard news as the large news gathering organizations gravitate toward contests for your pet’s face. Thank you in advance for filling the void.