O’Keefe: TCA Needs to Trust the Process

San Clemente resident Eva M. O’Keefe challenges the Transportation Corridor Agency to be more open and transparent about its road building plans and community meetings, calling out policies that restricted First Amendment rights of expression at a recent June forum.

Bauer: San Clemente & South County Don’t Need More Toll Roads or TCA

San Clemente resident Cord Bauer writes that taxpayers should be on watch against plans by Orange County’s toll road agency to expand roadways in South County, arguing they are an expensive policy throwback to the Eisenhower era, packed full of bad side effects for both local residents and county taxpayers.

Rejón: Suppression Alone is Not the Answer

Fernando Rejón of the Urban Peace Institute writes that Santa Ana and county leaders should follow the lead of cities who have been successful at reducing violence by integrating community-led organizations to support public safety efforts with a public health approach that can reduce crime in a permanent manner.

Smoller: Phasing in The Voter’s Choice Act

Chapman University Professor Fred Smoller writes that county supervisors should consider phasing in the implementation of the Voters Choice Act, possibly creating a more politically palatable product in places like Orange County, where the board of supervisors has rejected implementation.

Tingle: Transparency and Oversight Continue to Plague County Leadership

Longtime animal rights activist and Laguna Woods resident Rose Tingle argues that the group charged with oversight for the OC Animal Shelter – the City Managers Association Animal Care Committee – lacks the needed expertise in animal welfare and lacks transparency. Tingle wants public oversight of animal shelters.

Boisot: We Can Do Better for Our Homeless Pet Population

Dr. Saskia Boisot believes that animals entrusted to the care at the county animal shelter deserve better treatment. Boisot spotlights continuing challenges at the County Shelter and calls on county supervisors to adopt a “no-kill” approach.