The Accidental Advocate

In 2011, Kevin Shenkman was a patent attorney with no background in election law when a Democratic Party official asked him to take on a voting rights case in the Los Angeles County city of Palmdale. Now he is a statewide force for district-based elections.


How Politics Obscures the Truth About Voter Fraud

Whether someone thinks voter fraud is a widespread problem, often depends on their party registration. Meanwhile, voter suppression remains an issue in certain corners of the country, and Orange County has a checkered past.

Voting Wars: What Is Keeping Asian-Americans From the Polls?

They are the fastest-growing racial group in the U.S., have the highest income and are the best educated. But they have the lowest voter participation of any demographic group due largely to language, cultural barriers and discrimination.

Clockwise from top left: U.S. House candidates Bao Nguyen and Lou Correa, and county supervisor candidates Michele Martinez and Andrew Do.

Do and Correa Maintain Large Fundraising Leads

Former state Sen. Lou Correa and incumbent Supervisor Andrew Do have big fundraising leads in their respective races for U.S. House and county supervisor seats, but winning the money race doesn’t necessarily mean victory on Election Day.