Assemblyman Travis Allen Opposes 2nd Amendment Restrictions

The following is a press release from an organization unaffiliated with Voice of OC. The views expressed here are not those of Voice of OC. Assemblyman Travis Allen Opposes 2nd Amendment Restrictions
In the face of intrusive gun legislation, Assemblyman Allen is available for comment on the importance of protecting citizens’ rights

Who:      Assemblyman Travis Allen, 72nd Assembly District

What:     Today, legislation regarding the regulation of firearms is being discussed and voted upon on the California Assembly Floor.  Assemblyman Travis Allen, representing California’s 72nd Assembly District, opposes all legislation that places unjust restrictions on law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to reduce violent crime and address the real problems facing our society. “California already has the strictest gun laws in the nation. The simple truth is that criminals will violate any law in pursuit of their criminal acts.