Stone to Introduce Legislation to Require Coastal Commission Lobbying Transparency

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February 11, 2016


SACRAMENTO – Following yesterday’s removal of Dr. Charles Lester as Executive Director of the California Coastal Commission, Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Monterey Bay) has announced his intent to introduce legislation to end the opaque practice of allowing lobbyists to lobby Commissioners without the public’s knowledge on who is being represented or what is being requested.  Stone is joined by Speaker Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) and other legislative colleagues. On Thursday, Stone sent a letter to the staff of the Coastal Commission describing his faith in their efforts to preserve coastal access and protect the fragile coastal environment.  The text of the letter is printed below and is attached:

February 11, 2016

To: California Coastal Commission Agency Staff

Re: Open Letter to Coastal Commission Staff following the Removal of Executive Director Dr. Charles Lester

Dear Coastal Commission Staff,

With the inexcusable firing of your Executive Director, Dr. Charles Lester, each of you undoubtedly has grave concerns for the future of the Agency and coastal resources. By removing Dr. Lester in the way that the Commissioners did, following a day-long hearing with virtually uninterrupted public comment supporting Dr. Lester’s work, it is tempting to conclude that the Commissioners have sent the message to you that your work during his tenure has not been respected or valued.