Gardner: Free Pet Events May Lead to Unspeakable Animal Abuse

Why free or low cost adoption events may not be a good idea. Dr. Gardner contends that giving free animals without screening is problematic. Rather he suggests giving shelter animals, free of charge, to reputable rescue groups as a way to reduce shelter population.

Kim: Modern Animal Shelter is Milestone Moment for Orange County

With Orange County Supervisors breaking ground on Friday for a new, modern animal shelter to replace the county’s WWII-era facility, County CEO Frank Kim talks about the opportunities ahead for OC Animal Care and partners like the City of Tustin and the South Orange County Community College District.

Foothills Sentry: OC Animal Shelter Bolstered by City Sign-Ons

The following is a story by the Foothills Sentry newspaper, a Voice of OC media partner covering Orange, Villa Park, Orange Park Acres, Anaheim Hills, North Tustin, Silverado Canyon, and Modjeska Canyon. This story was published in the Sentry’s June 2016 edition

The cities of Orange, Villa Park and Tustin renewed their service contracts with OC Animal Care and agreed to pay a proportional share of the costs to build a new animal shelter on the former Marine Corps Base.

Under the agreements, Orange will pay $2.467 million; Villa Park, $46,000; and Tustin, $791,000. The cities’ shares of the $30 million facility were determined by historic usage and services provided. Orange County is supplying $5 million and 10 acres of land. The remaining costs will be borne by the 14 OC cities that have agreed to contribute, and signed 10-year service agreements.