Little Hoover Commission to Issue a Second “Check-Up” on Prop 63 Mental Health Services Act—September 8

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For Immediate Release: Friday September 2, 2016

Mental Illness FACTS: Family And Community True Stories

LITTLE HOOVER COMMISSION TO ISSUE A SECOND “CHECK-UP” ON PROP 63 MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES ACT—SEPTEMBER 8  Meeting Contact: Rose King 916-768-8012; Teresa Pasquini (510) 334-3448

Advocates Seek Accountability for Prop 63 Mental Health Services Act/MHSA.   State/County Performance failed three independent audits.  Advocates for MHSA integrity urged Little Hoover Commission members at a May 2016 hearing to recommend further actions to ensure compliance with the voter-enacted law.  On September 8, 2016, Commissioners will issue a second “check-up” report on state and county actions to remedy problems identified in several audits.


County Planning to Cut Latino Health Access Funding

Orange County officials have decided to not renew an exclusive $500,000 grant for Latino Health Access’ promotores program, which focuses on community health prevention. Could this be political payback for a race-fueled controversy from a couple years ago?