A Question of Strategy

Costa Mesa City Council members are feeling the heat from two
months of intense union campaigning against their outsourcing plan.
Some Republicans are growing impatient waiting for local party
leaders to fire back.

Former Costa Mesa Councilwoman Katrina Foley at a police event. (Photo credit: unkownn)

Prevention or Propaganda?

Even meet and greets among residents and public safety personnel
have taken on political overtones in Costa Mesa, where officials
are battling over an unprecedented privatization plan.

Costa Mesa City Council members (from left) Jim Righeimer, Gary Monahan and Wendy Leece. Stephen Mensinger is partially pictured. (Photo by: Nick Gerda)

‘A Tremendous Amount of Anxiety’

The stress of the fallout from the outsourcing decision on Costa
Mesa City Council members is starting to show, most recently at
this week’s City Council meeting.

Monday Roundup

An altercation in Costa Mesa, more Brown Act problems in Santa
Ana, a lying social worker and an LA Times/USC poll on public
employee benefits.