Kim Campaign Statement Fuels Tax Return Controversy

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August 25, 2016                                                                  (916) 201-9636

FULLERTON, CA—The campaign of Assembly District candidate Sharon Quirk-Silva today released the following statement in response to opponent Young Kim’s continued refusal to release her tax returns for the past five years in spite of new questions regarding their propriety:

“In lock-step with Donald Trump, Young Kim continues to hide her tax returns from public scrutiny. And now, a statement from the Kim campaign contradicts legally required disclosure statements she and her husband filed with government agencies and signed under penalty of perjury. “In an interview with a conservative online blog on August 5th (link here), Asm. Young Kim’s campaign tried pouring cold water on her tax issues, emphatically stating that her returns were complete, including a claim that Kim’s husband, Charles, spent 2015 as a volunteer and had no income.