Villa Park City Council Meeting Devolves Into Sound and Fury

The following is a story by the Foothills Sentry newspaper, a Voice of OC media partner covering Orange, Villa Park, Orange Park Acres, Anaheim Hills, North Tustin, Silverado Canyon, and Modjeska Canyon. This story was published in the Sentry’s January 2016 edition. The revelation that Villa Park Mayor Diana Fascenelli was delinquent on medical insurance premiums paid through the city to CalPERS, the state-run carrier, has exposed the underlying vitriol between two city council “factions,” and a former city council
member. Although Fascenelli made good on the $4,689 in back premiums, paid a $1,700 late fee, and issued numerous public apologies, the issue has dominated the last three Villa Park council meetings. Finance Director Michelle Danaher and City Manager Jarad Hildenbrand have assured both the council and residents that the late payments had no fiscal impact on the city.

A Local GOP Leadership No Longer in Lock Step

Controversial comments by the Republican Central Committee’s
vice chair during a recent protest outside a Muslim charity event
show how difficult message control has become for leaders
unaccustomed to controversy from the inside.