Pringle Should be Held Accountable

It appears to me that supporters of Curt Pringle are up in arms with this report spouting things such as why is this being brought forward now if a conflict existed why didn’t specific individuals bring these concerns forward much earlier, and since Pringle’s term is coming to an end in December even if there were conflict of interest it will be mute.

Well, I want to ask: If a crime has been done or a law has been broken do we not investigate and or file charges on those responsible simply because a statute of limitations or in this case Pringle’s term is about to run out?

Pringle himself admits that he is seeking appointment for another four years from the Governor regarding his position with the High Speed Rail and much conflict can be established in the final two months of his term as Mayor not to mention possible efforts to continue his agenda through those he is endorsing for the Anaheim mayoral and city council seats.

If the law has been broken he should be held accountable today and not be allowed for possible gain from that violation with another four-year appointment.

Jackie Brock, Anaheim


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