No Pay if You Don’t Stay

County Supervisor Shawn Nelson has an interesting idea he plans to roll out this week at the Orange County Transportation Authority.

In order to get paid their meeting stipend, OCTA directors will have to be present throughout the entire meeting.

While the news media has focused in recent months on the stipends and perks elected officials get for attending the meetings of agencies throughout the county, Nelson said he’s noticed that OCTA has long had a problem with elected officials showing up late and leaving early for meetings.

“It’s really frustrating,” Nelson said, “particularly when the staff has put their time and energy into something and we don’t have a quorum.”

His solution is simple: In order to get paid for the meeting, gavel-to-gavel attendance is required.

“My proposal is going to be tied to attendance,” Nelson said. “If you are not present at roll call, or when the gavel slams,” Nelson said, there’s no payday.

The issue will get its first hearing this morning at OCTA’s executive committee meeting.



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