Seal Beach Near Agreement on New Flight Path

Complaints from Seal Beach residents about noise from jet planes approaching Long Beach Airport seem to have hit their mark. Seal Beach officials say they are close to an agreement with the airport and airlines on a new flight path, according to the Los Alamitos-Seal Beach Patch.

Instead of flying over Seal Beach’s residential areas, planes would approach the airport over the nearby Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station. An agreement hasn’t been signed, but city officials are hopeful one will be reached, the website reported.

The talk of changes comes in the aftermath of residents’ phone calls to the airport’s noise hotline and a meeting among Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and officials from the Federal Aviation Administration, the airport and an airline, JetBlue, according to the website.

From the Patch story:

The loud noise caused by jets landing at Long Beach Airport has been an ongoing problem for at least 10 months. Seal Beach residents have used the Long Beach Airport noise complaint number to put pressure on the airlines and the airport.

“Congressman Rohrabacher was very firm that they don’t want planes flying over Old Town when there is a Naval Weapons Station to fly over,” Deaton wrote in her January newsletter to residents. … City Manager Jill Ingram said she’s pleased with the outcome of the meeting.

“Although we don’t have the Letter of Agreement yet — that will take time — we are confident there is an ongoing effort to resolve the problem. Feb. 1 is the target date for training to implement changes,” she said. “The meeting was incredibly interesting but went incredibly well. To get in the same room to express concerns is huge.”


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