Jerry Collamer, San Clemente Activist & Cartoonist

Jerry Collamer labels himself an Opinionist.

Motto: “Answer every memo with a memo. When opinions are offered, regardless the medium, or who’s selling it – if it smacks of illegitimacy, smack back.

For every action, there’s a reaction; goes for opinions too,” according to Collamer. With a long career in the art of creative communicating, be it writing, drawing or film, Jerry has a varied palette to draw from, literally.

A native Californian with global experience, this penciling provocateur resides in San Clemente CA, next door to that leaky, creaky nuke plant SONGS. According to him, “It’s an accident in progress,” sounding its very scary, but sadly necessary meltdown alarm, coupled to OC’s status quo political train, tracking too far-right keeps Collamer’s night vision googles locked on OC’s political loony scape, as mysterious objects, disguised as rational political thinking go bump in the night.

Stay tuned for encounters of the political kind, from the fertile mind, pen and computer keyboard of Collamer.

Sleep is not an option.

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