Two of Three ‘Santa Ana Spring’ Candidates Win Council Seats

Two candidates from the so-called “Santa Ana Spring” movement have won seats on the Santa Ana City Council, while an educator defeated the third, preliminary results suggested early Wednesday.

School board member Roman Reyna and incumbent Vincent Sarmiento, both members of the movement seeking to shift the balance of power at City Hall, held strong leads after the vast majority of votes were counted.

Reyna was ahead by 19 percentage points and Sarmiento by 8 points, with all precincts reporting. Educator Angelica Amezcua was leading Spring candidate Eric Alderete by 11 points.

The council and mayoral races were the main battleground of the Spring movement, named after the popular uprisings against Arab dictators. It was primarily aimed at Mayor Miguel Puldio, who critics argue has too much power over City Hall.

Pulido calls the criticism a “fallacy” because unlike Arab dictators, he goes before voters every two years.

Santa Ana council members represent specific districts within the city but are elected at large.


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