Fullerton Council to Revise Sex Offender Ban in Parks

Fullerton’s ban on convicted sex offenders in city parks will likely be revised in the wake of court rulings and a potential lawsuit.

Since the 1940s, California has wrestled with laws that deal with convicted sex offenders and what they can and cannot do after they are released from prison and complete parole.

In the past four years, about half of Orange County cities adopted laws that banned adults convicted of sexually abusing children from living near or going into city parks.

But a series of court decisions ruled the city ordinances went too far or conflicted with state laws, which take precedence. Most Orange County cities have now changed their laws or are in the process of doing do.

Fullerton also faces the possibility of a lawsuit by an organization known as California Reform Sex Offender Laws. Lawyers for Fullerton have said the city would likely lose such a suit.

Fullerton’s council meeting starts Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Click here to read the staff report.

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