Graduation Derailed

Getting in is the easy part. Financial hardships and familial pressures make college graduation an elusive goal for many students from low-income families.

County Sheriff Union Protests County Secrecy on Billing Records

Just as county supervisors prepare Tuesday to consider a measure seeking to make labor negotiations more transparent, Sheriff union officials are protesting efforts to keep county legal bills on negotiations secret. Under the Civic Openness in Negotiations ordinance, also known as COIN, county supervisors would be required to publicly report any offers and counteroffers discussed in closed session. Supervisors and their staff would also have to report any communication with employee representatives. When a labor contract is proposed, the county Auditor-Controller would estimate the financial impact of its terms as well as the current contract’s terms, which would then be open to comment from labor groups and the public. And proposed labor contracts, known as memorandums of understanding, would be posted to the county website at least seven days before they appear on the supervisors’ agenda.