• Harvey Hoyo

    Congrats to Dr. Padilla and the participating students of Santa Ana Unified who realize that positive human relationships are key skill to living in the 21st century. Reading, writing and arithmetic are important; but without the ability to “get along,” folks won’t be able to find or keep a job.

  • Ltpar

    Alternatives to getting at the root cause of problems are always excellent ideas. That said, the schools must walk a fine line on which student conduct is changable and those students who have no desire to be changed. If ten students are helped, the program will be a tremendous success.

  • Since you are heavily censuring every comment which is not politically correct and your above article is nothing but the politically correct one, how do we know that your crapola is true and not a progressive propaganda?

  • Robert Darley

    Where successful (SF), restorative justice has been a monumentally positive program. But, where it has struggled (Oakland) it has been an UTTER failure, leading to higher crime rates, recidivism and painful life changing experiences for the victims.
    So the question is does SAUSD have the resources to administer this kind of program? 7/8 of the families can’t feed their children in Santa Ana. Is the board really asking schools to become courts and determine justice. I would suggest the SAUSD’s job is to teach kids how to read and write (preferably in English).
    Good luck with this one.