OC Register: Do Dismisses Residency Allegations

First District Supervisor Andrew Do is dismissing allegations that he lives outside of his district, according to an article Tuesday by the Orange County Register.

The Register article follows a Voice of OC report Monday in which an assistant district attorney confirmed an ongoing investigation into disputes about Do’s residency, which have dogged him since he was elected to the Garden Grove City Council in 2008.

State law requires candidates to live in the district they seek to represent.

Both the District Attorney’s Office and Do declined to comment for Voice of OC’s article.

Do told the Register that he moved to Westminster to run for office, but has since moved for good.

Do acknowledged that he bought the Westminster house in the 1st District so he could meet the residency requirements to run for the office, which he won in the November election. But he disputed Flores’ claim that he might still live in the North Tustin home.

“Catch me not living in the district and then we can talk,” he said. “If he feels that strongly about it, he can camp outside my house and watch me go to work every morning. I go to work between 7:45 and 8, so he doesn’t even have to spend the night. Make sure he waves.”

District attorney spokeswoman Roxi Fyad said her office is still considering whether to investigate the complaint filed by Flores on Feb. 18.

“It’s not being investigated yet. It’s just under review,” Fyad said Monday.

Read the full article by Martin Wisckol on the Register website.

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  • Steve W.

    This looks like sloppy reporting by the Voice of OC. Thy Vo writes that an assistant DA “confirmed an ongoing investigation into disputes about Do residency.”

    Yet, the DA’s office says there is no investigation, only that the complaint is being reviewed, which is different than an investigation.

    Thy Vo’s reporting of an investigation is based on an e-mail response from an unnamed assistant DA. Did that e-mail say there was an “ongoing investigation”? Or did Vo infer that or inaccurately represent the ADA’s response? Does she not understand the difference between an investigation and reviewing a complaint?

    The Voice could and should clarify this by posting the entire e-mail.

    • David Zenger

      This looks like sloppy reading on your part, “Steve.”

      From the other story:

      “In a March 24 email, Assistant District Attorney Ebrahim Baytieh, who heads the DA’s Court and Special Prosecutions Unit, confirmed that investigations based on allegations that Do has skirted residency laws are “still proceeding.”

      How is that “unnamed?”

      • Steve W.

        My bad. But the point remains. Vo says the e-mail confirms an “investigation.” The DA’s office says there is no investigation, only that the complaint is under review. It’s fair to ask whether the reporter read too much into the e-mail, or overstated the case to hype the story. Maybe neither. Publishing the e-mail would clear that up. Do you have an objection to that?

        • David Zenger

          Yes, “your bad.” Why isn’t Baytieh, a senior Deputy DA, the “DA’s office” while Foxi What’s-Her-Name is?

          No point remains except that you are an apologist for the unspeakable. Also afraid to use you own name – for some reason. Wonder what that could be.

          • Steve W.

            “apologist for the unspeakable”?? Because I suggested the Voice publish the whole e-mail from Baytieh in order to clarify a seeming contradiction? How is that “unspeakable”? What is with you?

          • David Zenger

            Your history of commentary on this blog is aimed at brushing off legitimate criticism of the County’s establishment at political play.

            That is what is with me.

          • Steve W.

            I haven’t apologized for anything “unspeakable.” I read Voice articles with a skeptical eye and sometimes provide counter-point and criticism. Are you the Ayatollah of the Comments or something? You get to decide what is or isn’t legitimate criticism?

  • David Zenger

    “District attorney spokeswoman Roxi Fyad said her office is still
    considering whether to investigate the complaint filed by Flores on Feb.

    So, two months have come and gone and Rackaukas is still “considering” whether to investigate? What in the world is there to consider? Obviously the ploy was to stall until the horse was back in the barn and the door closed.

    • Philmore

      Are you sure they’re not CONSIDERING whether to consider to investigate ? Have to follow procedure, you know.

    • Steve W.

      How is it “obvious”? Do you have information no one else does?

      • David Zenger

        So “Steve” what’s your explanation for a two-month delay in
        “considering” whether to investigate something? Clearly it wasn’t
        because, you know, acting in a timely way the DA might actually catch a
        perp in the act, right?

        Sounds a bit like the Pulido bribery
        issue except in this case the crime may have been actually taking place
        when the complaint was made. By now, of course, Do would be safely
        ensconced in his Westminster “home”; just like Sidhu in 2010 – remember
        that priceless piece of work?

        Don’t forget, Budget time is coming up and the DA needs his annual augmentation from the Board, and no questions asked.

        • Steve W.

          I don’t know the answer, “Dave.” But neither do you. So how can you say what this “obviously” is?

          Either Do lives there, or he doesn’t. He doesn’t seem afraid of anyone looking into whether or not he lives in Westminster.

          • David Zenger

            Right, “Steve,” (say, what’s your last name, anyway? What are you afraid of?) you don’t know much, do you?

            Yes, we all are sure that by now Do is safely holed up in some house that he couldn’t get a bank loan on in Westminster.

            And who said you could call me “Dave”?


          • Steve W.

            So if Do is living in Westminster as you say, “David,” then what is the issue? Or are you just a crab?

          • David Zenger

            The question “Steve Afraid For Some Reason to Use Last Name,” is: where was he living when he was elected? And where was he living when the complaint was made – two months ago. See, it goes to the issue honesty and integrity; and in his case the residency question goes back quite some time.