Dog Attack on Pregnant Woman Raises More Questions About County Animal Control

Nick Gerda/Voice of OC

Orange County's animal services department has been facing increased criticism in recent years.

A Huntington Beach woman in her ninth month of pregnancy was attacked two weeks ago by a pit bull that county animal control officials had declared “vicious” earlier in the year after a face bite, but later reversed that decision and apparently placed no requirement that it wear a muzzle.

On June 19, Veronica Nguyen was alone on an evening walk outside her home on Aladdin Street near Huntington Harbour when Mark Harry, a neighbor, came around the corner walking his two dogs. The pit bull, which was named “Blue,” lunged at Nguyen.

“When the dog came at her she had turned to shield [it] from her stomach,” said her husband, Tim Nguyen, in an interview with Voice of OC. “Her first instinct was to protect the baby.”

The dog tore into Veronica’s arm, leaving it “ridiculously bloody,” Tim said, with a chunk of her arm “totally gone.” An ambulance was called and Veronica was rushed to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, where doctors decided to induce labor early due to the severity of her injuries and performed a cesarean section.

Doctors delivered a healthy baby boy and performed reconstructive surgery on Veronica’s arm. Two tendons were fused together because one was severely damaged, according to Tim.

Blue was euthanized following the attack. Meanwhile, Veronica and her baby were released from the hospital last Wednesday.

Revelations of the attack on Veronica will undoubtedly bring increased scrutiny on top officials at OC Animal Care, who have been under fire amid multiple reports, including two by the county grand jury, regarding management problems and deplorable conditions at the county’s 74-year-old animal shelter.

The Nguyens said they were not told that Blue had a history until they received a call from Voice of OC. In February, an attack by Blue had included a “face bite,” according to county records obtained by Voice of OC.

After the earlier attack, county officials had options that included requiring that Blue wear a muzzle and physical restraint, according to the county’s vicious dog ordinance.

That didn’t end up happening.

Instead, after a hearing where Harry presented witnesses, the interim OC Animal Care director, Dr. Jennifer Hawkins, removed Blue’s “vicious dog” status.

While Hawkins told Harry the decision was conditioned on him agreeing to restrain his dog, she apparently placed no legally binding requirements, like mandating that Blue wear a muzzle.

“You are encouraged to ensure that Blue is properly controlled and confined at all times,” Hawkins wrote in a March 13 letter announcing her decision.

(Click here to read the letter.)

Reached for comment Friday, county officials emphasized that they reversed the “vicious dog” declaration based on the hearing and other, unspecified, evidence.

“The tentative declaration was considered at an administrative hearing, where the hearing officer heard from various witnesses,” county spokeswoman Jean Pasco said in a statement. “Based on the witness statements and considering the available evidence, the hearing officer recommended against the declaration.”

Pasco declined to elaborate on what evidence was presented at the hearing or the rationale behind the reversal, nor confirm what injuries were caused by Blue’s February bite. The county also would not release a transcript of the hearing Friday.

Hawkins, meanwhile, didn’t return a phone message seeking comment.

When Voice of OC contacted Tim Nguyen for the first time last week, he was surprised to learn about the dog’s prior bite and Hawkins’ handling of it.

“I was under the impression that it was a good dog and that it was just a bizarre accident,” Tim said. The new information “definitely changes my perspective on the whole situation.”

He added: “It’s one thing when you make an innocent mistake…but if it happened before and you let it happen again, that is different.”

Harry, the dog’s owner, declined to comment through his Los Angeles-based attorney, Natalia Foley.

The bite exposes not only Harry to potential legal liability, but also county taxpayers, depending on how serious the first incident was, among other factors.

In their review of animal control, grand jurors took the unusual move of issuing two back-to-back reports criticizing the department’s executives for creating an environment that risks public health and safety.

One of the reports alleged that poor leadership has contributed to bad cleaning practices at the county shelter that could spread disease, as well as a dead deer being left in front of a home for five days after being reported to animal control.

The situation is so bad, according to the grand jury, that the county should consider replacing the leadership of the county’s community resources department, which oversees OC Animal Care.

The report doesn’t mention them by name, but the department’s director is Steve Franks, a former political aide to county Supervisor Jim Silva who later transitioned into a top role above the county agency.

In addition to the grand jury reports, former employees recently alleged unethical behavior by superiors, such as pressure on field officers to bring in money, and pursuing an allegedly false allegation of animal abuse that prompted compensation for the shelter.

Huntington Beach is among 18 Orange County cities that rely on the county for animal control services.

As for the Nguyen family, Tim says he and his wife are thankful their son is in good health.

“One thing that we’ve been talking about is that in total darkness there is still light…so many things could have gone wrong,” said Tim Nguyen.  “What if [it] got her stomach?”

“We look at kids in our neighborhood – they would have been defenseless.”

Tim says his wife was fortunate to be matched with a good surgeon at Hoag Hospital, who feels confident about her recovery.

“We remain positive, but there’s moments where it hurts,” Tim Nguyen said.

While Veronica is able to breastfeed, he added, she isn’t able to participate in many of the moments that new mothers typically experience, like picking up her baby and changing his clothes.

“Everything’s kind of on standstill right now,” he said.

Editor David Washburn contributed to this report.

You can contact Nick Gerda at, and follow him on Twitter: @nicholasgerda.

  • buliman

    It is way past time for HB to ban pit bulls. Imagine a defenseless child vs a pit bull. It’s only a matter of time. I’ve seen pit bulls without leashes in the neighborhood. I’ve also seen pit bulls in backyards that could easily escape.

  • Yotie

    According to some, the reason the attack happened was because the woman had no previous relationship with the dog.

  • CitizensForAnimalShelterOC
  • CitizensForAnimalShelterOC
  • CitizensForAnimalShelterOC

    Modern animal shelters have advocates who teach Humane education. This is not a new concept – as early as 1933, the National PTA Congress issued the following statement in support of humane education:

    “Children trained to extend justice, kindness, and mercy to animals become more just, kind and considerate in their relations to each other. Character training along these lines will result in men and women of broader sympathies, more humane, more law-abiding – in every respect more valuable citizens. Humane education is teaching in the schools and colleges of the nations the principles of justice, goodwill, and humanity toward all life. The cultivation of the spirit of kindness to animals is but the starting point of every race and clime. A generation of people trained in these principles will solve their international difficulties as neighbors and not as enemies.”

  • ConstituentNonsense

    Putting dangerous dogs to sleep isn’t going to solve the problem. Holding owners accountable by convicting them of assault with a deadly weapon, manslaughter, or murder might start making the point. No breed of dog needs to be dangerous – it’s only when breeders start breeding for aggressive traits and insecure jerks buy dogs for their aggression (and make it worse by encouraging bad behavior) that there’s a problem.

    One person commenting on this article wants every dog that ever growls at anyone put to sleep. Give me a break. Dogs growl at lots of things, including leaves blowing across the driveway, firecrackers, and being poked in the butt by the vet (which any reasonable animal or person would growl at as well). It doesn’t usually mean the dog is dangerous.

    The problem here – even why dangerous dogs continue to live among us – is HUMAN behavior, not animal. Get it straight.

    • CitizensForAnimalShelterOC

      A voice of reason. Unfortunately, whenever there is news about a pitbull incident, some people are ready to kill and blame the animal. Last year in Orange County, 8,319 animals were killed,(we humans like to use “euthanize” to make us feel better but its still killing), do to no fault of their own. Or I can say the shelter stopped the beating hearts of 8,319 living sentient beings. And that’s only at the county shelter which contracts with 18 cities. Where were all these commenters when that was happening? The 74 year old Orange County animal shelter is unhealthy for both humans and animals, and animal control and shelter are underfunded and understaffed !!!! That’s the root of problem here. And who is the responsible entity for the county animal shelter…….the Orange County Board of Supervisors !

  • Helga Joubert

    Just as animal abusers should never work in any animal control department, neither should anyone at the other end of the spectrum: animal rights zealots and breed advocates. These types will sacrifice public safety without a second thought in order to protect animals that should be put down. Look what happened to Klonda Richey in Ohio. Animal Control nutter Mark Kumpf led the team that ignored Klonda’s many pleas for help, and she ended up being mauled to death in her own driveway. A photo showing a beaming Kumpf standing chummily beside wealthy queen nuttress Jane Berkey of Animal Farm Foundation (whose primary mission is to promote pit bulls) was sufficient to explain to me and many others exactly what happened in that case. Animal controls across the nation are being infiltrated by crazy people who don’t care about people, pets, and livestock being mauled on a daily basis, and the taxpayers are picking up the tab to promote their agenda.

  • Maria Vasquez

    ““The tentative declaration was considered at an administrative hearing, where the hearing officer heard from various witnesses,”

    These should never be at any “administrative hearings” because these are rigged, kangaroo fake courts that don’t have to follow rules of law and where games are played and unethical behavior can go on unchecked.

    Hearing officers notoriously work for the vicious dog owner or vicious dog breeding lobby, NOT public safety or the victim.

    This whole sideshow fake hearing circus needs to be broken up and these hearings need to be in courts in front of real judges.

  • Maria Vasquez

    Dr Jennifer Hawkins (and the animal control department) needs to be sued and there should be complaints registered against her veterinary license.

    If she wants to support vicious dog breeders, then she needs to go get a new job.

    Getting people attacked and potentially killed to make vicious dog owners and breeders happy and support their financial interests is aberrant and even sociopathic.

  • Maria Vasquez

    People connected to those who own vicious dogs are very willing to lie in order to allow the vicious dog to attack again.

    These hearings need to be tightened up.

  • Maria Vasquez

    Make no mistake. This animal control department is being run for the financial interests of dog breeders and vicious dog owners, NOT the public.

    The breeders who breed these vicious dogs and the owners who own them take great pleasure in having their dogs attack people and pets. It is a power trip. Dog lobbying groups put pressure on unethical animal control departments to bend to their wishes, and that is what has happened here, with the influence of groups even outside the state that support vicious breeds and vicious dogs. It’s all about the money.

    It is time to clean house at this department and make animal control the center of public safety. No more catering to lying dog owners and bullying dog owners.

  • Ophiuchus Oversoul

    I hope he does jail time

  • Jackie Jenkins

    Another poor little pitbull turned loose to terrorize the community, we can’t put the poor little piTs down. Ban these dogs across the country, enough is enough let’s get some real dogs in this country, get rid of these dogs quit letting Them kill people.

  • Jackie Jenkins

    with so many homeless animals in the world why would anyone need to keep a dangerous one, a woman and her unborn child could have been killed in this situation. This is unacceptable the dog was dangerous why was it released?

    • Maria Vasquez

      People like this actually take pleasure in intimidating and hurting others through vicious dogs. it is sociopathy and a power game, and they know that unethical government employees here will let them indulge in it.

  • Gabriel Barros

    Pit bulls were bred to kill their own kind.

    The American Pit Bull Terrier (HISTORY OF FIGHTING DOGS Series)
    by Joseph L. Colby

    ISBN-13: 978-1846642562

    Originally published in 1936, this book is extremely rare in its early editions. Hugely informative and in-depth, it is a complete treatise on the breed covering the entire field, with particular emphasis on dog-fighting.

  • Karla Ely

    Yes… OC AC was completely negligent in it’s actions and the Nguyen’s definitely have a civil case against them AND the owner of the dog…call Kenneth Phillips, the unequivocable “king of dog bite cases”… send your child to college on the County’s dime

  • Joanna McGinn

    recent judgement against a shelter in TX was 2.3 million… why should the taxpayers of OC tolerate such incompetence??? it had a history of attacks and a stupid judge reversed the consequences…. don’t let people who have no knowledge or are biased pro beast to make these decisions. It IS a public health issue.

  • Debbie Bell

    What’s the point of choosing to own a BULLY DOG if you have to muzzle it? Terrorizing the neighborhood is just part of the attraction of bully dogs by bully people

    Do they have proof that THIS dog was euthanized. One bully owner

    • kaththee

      She should have been put in prison.

  • ARParent

    So much has changed because VETS have recently changed their “oath” and removed public safety from what they swear to do. It’s now all about “animal welfare” so VETS need to be completely eliminated from all public safety discussions, animal control boards, CDC discussions on dog bites, and anything to do with HUMAN, not humane, health and safety. They are now nothing but advocates for the rescue groups and no kill. (and making a FORTUNE on “save at all cost to the public”)

  • Dennis Baker

    2014 Dog Bite Related Fatalities Compiled By Dennis Baker on Wednesday, December 31, 2014 at 12:59am

    2014 Dog Bite Related Fatalities

    Updated after each fatality following fact finding research

    42 Dog Bite Related Fatalities

    by Breed:

    27 by Pit Bull / Pit Bull Mix

    3 by Bullmastiff / Mastiff Mix

    4 by Rottweiler

    1 by Cane Corso

    1 by Shepherd Mix…

    1 by Catahoula Leopard Dog

    4 Unknown Breed

    1 Mix Breed

    By age:

    20 Children

    22 Adults

    By State:

    TX – 7 deaths

    AL – 3 deaths

    OH – 3 deaths

    FL – 5 deaths

    NC – 4 deaths

    MI – 2 deaths

    AZ – 1 death

    CA – 2 death

    CT – 2 death

    DE – 1 death

    IL – 1 death

    LA – 2 death

    MS – 2 death

    NJ – 1 death

    MO – 1 death

    AR – 1 death

    WI – 1 death

    WY – 1 death

    SD – 1 death

    IND – 1 death

    Names and ages of the deceased:

    Christina Bell-Burleson – 43 – Houston, TX – 2 Pit Bulls [01.05.14]

    Betty Clark – 75 – Canyon Lake, TX – 2 Pit Bulls [01.06.14]

    Kara Hartrich – 4 – Bloomington, IL – 2 Pit Bulls [01.17.14]

    Annabel Martin – 89 – Corona, CA – 3 Rottweilers [01.26.14]

    Klonda Richey – 57 – Dayton, OH – 2 Mastiff Mixes [02.07.14]

    Je’vaeh Mayes – 2 – Temple, TX – Pit Bull [02.17.14]

    Braelynn Coulter – 3 – High Point, NC – Pit Bull [02.24.14]

    Summer Sears – 4 – Tallassee, AL – Shepherd Mix [02.26.14]

    Kenneth Santillan – 13 – Paterson, NJ – Bullmastiff [02.28.14]

    Raymane Robinson, Jr. – 2 – Killeen, TX – Bullmastiff [03.01.14]

    Nancy Newberry – 77 – Phoenix, AZ – Pit Bull [03.14.14]

    Mia DeRouen – 4 – Houma, LA – Pit Bull [03.25.14]

    Christopher Malone- 3 – Holmes County, MS – 2 Pit Bulls [03.31.14]

    Dorothy Hamilton – 85 – Kaufman, TX – 2 Pit Bulls [03.31.14]

    John Harvard – 5 – Riverside, AL – Pit Bull [04.06.14]

    Petra Aguirre – 83 – San Antonio, TX – Pit Bull Mix [04.11.14]

    Jessica Norman – 33 – Sebring, FL – 3 Pit Bulls [4.30.14]

    Katie Morrison – 20 – Phenix City, AL – 3 Pit Bulls [05.03.14]

    Nyhiem Wilfong – 1 – Caldwell County, NC – Rottweiler [05.04.14]

    Kasii Haith – 4 – Kent County, DE – 3 Pit Bulls [05.07.14]

    Rita Pepe – 93 – Branford, CT – Pit Bull Mix [05.25.14]

    Holden Garrison – 10 wks – Davisburg, MI – Catahoula Leopard Dog [06.09.14]

    Logan Shepard – 4 – Riverview, FL – 2 Pit Bulls [07.19.14]

    Jonathan Quarles – 7 mo – Dayton, OH – Pit Bull [07.20.14]

    Craig Sytsma – 46 – Metamore Twp, MI – 2 Cane Corso [07.23.14]

    Cindy Whisman – 59 – Madison Twp, OH – Pit Bull [08.04.14]

    Joel Chireieleison – 6 – Fanning Springs, FL – 2 Pit Bulls [08.07.14]

    Deriah Solem – 22 mo – St Charles County, MO – Pit Bull Mix [08.09.14]

    Javon Dade – 4 – Miami, FL – Pit Bull [08.13.14]

    David Glass Sr.-51-Benton County, MS – 3 Pit Bulls [09.20.14]

    Alice Payne – 75 – Cave City, AR – 1 Pit Bull [09.26.14]

    Juan Fernandez – 59 – Modesto, CA – 4 Pit Bulls – [10.14.14]

    Logan Thomas Meyer – 7 – Hustisford, WI -1 Rottweiler – [10.24.14]

    Alemeaner Dial – 83 – Robeson County, N.C. – 4 Pit Bulls – [10.31.14]

    Deanne Lynn Coando – 40 – Wind River Indian Reservation, WY – Unknown – [11. .14]

    Stella Antanaitis – 91 – Stamford, CT – Mix Breed – [11. .14]

    Jayla Rodriguez – 8 – Pine Ridge, SD – Unknown – [11.18.14]

    Bobbie Cheveallier – 85 – Grant Parish, L.A. – Unknown – [12.1.14]

    Jose Robles – 62 – Madison, N.C. – Pending – [11.23.14]

    Christopher Camejo – 2 – Crystal River , FL – Rottweiler’s – [12.6.14]

    Rita Woodard – 64 – Corpus Christi , TX – Pit Bull – [12.15.14]

    Edward L. Cahill – 40 – Porter County, IND. – Pit Bull – [12.25.14]

    Non – Bite Related Canine Deaths

    Demonta Collins – 13 – Augusta, GA – Chased into traffic by at large Pit Bull [04.10.14]

    Davon Jigget – 17 – Fulton County, Ga – Chased into traffic by at large Pit Bull [04.11.14]

    Ryan Brown – 15 – Fayette County, TN – Killed by pan thrown by brother when attempting to break up dog fight [08.08.14]

    On average in 2014 someone was killed by a pit bull every 13 days. Some of these pit bull attacks were from the family dog that was well trained and had never shown signs of aggression before. The only common in these severe and often fatal attacks is not abuse or lack of training it is breed. Choose the breed of dog you trust the lives of your loved ones with wisely.

    • buliman

      In 2015 pit bulls killed and injured more people in America than all the terrorist and right wing attacks in America combined.

  • Lisa Gaffney

    This is what happens when you have the fox guarding the hen house. These pit freaks care more about giving these maulers another chance no matter how many people or animals they have previously or will kill, injure or maim in the future.

  • pascal_brown

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  • Gabriel Barros

    Pit bull aggression, the pit bull’s grip n’ rip behavior, and other dog fighting behaviors are not “trained”, it is not learned, it is behavior selectively bred into pit bull dogs by dog fighters for over a century.

    Canine Behavioral Genetics: Pointing Out the Phenotypes and Herding up the Genes

    An astonishing amount of behavioral variation is captured within the more than 350 breeds of dog recognized worldwide.

    Inherent in observations of dog behavior is the notion that much of what is observed is BREED SPECIFIC AND WILL PERSIST, EVEN IN THE ABSENCE OF TRAINING OR MOTIVATION. Thus, herding, pointing, tracking, hunting, and so forth are likely to be controlled, at least in part, at the genetic level. Recent studies in canine genetics suggest that small numbers of genes control major morphologic phenotypes. By extension, we hypothesize that at least some canine behaviors will also be controlled by small numbers of genes that can be readily mapped.

  • Jaloney Caldwell

    I hope they contact and get the best defense to sue the heck out of this negligent governmental agency taking tax payers dollars and using it to protect pitbulls. Horrible.

    • SuperTJ

      Yes — He is based in Southern LA. With a wonderful success record in suing negligent animal control agencies.

  • SuperTJ

    This is criminal. In LA they are prosecuting a case under the state felony law after a dog attacked three times. Prosecutors did not know full scope (nor did the victims) until the third attack ( This is a VERY serious case. My God, they had to do a c-section — My God! Mark Harry needs to be prosecuted and OCAC needs to be sued for MILLIONS. You know the “doggie court” administrative hearing was a complete joke. That’s why they won’t hand over the transcript. Voice of OC! Find out if the attacked victim was EVEN PRESENT AT THE HEARING! My guess is “No, he or she was not!” One has to presume the “doggie court” hearing was outrageously lopsided, favoring the dog’s owner. Get the transcript! A dangerous doggie hearing is not a “sealed record” by the court. That is what our court system allows for juveniles!

    • Maria Vasquez

      Absolutely right! There need to be public transcripts available to all and now.

  • Gabriel Barros

    pit bull problems

  • CitizensForAnimalShelterOC

    The 18 cities which currently contract with the county for animal services are:

    Anaheim, Brea, Fullerton, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Stanton, Cypress, Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Juan Capistrano, Tustin, Villa Park, Placentia, Yorba Linda and Santa Ana. Please email their city councils and ask them to STOP contracting with the county and join with neighboring cities to build their own pro humane animal shelter so they can serve the public properly and keep this in mind too.

  • CitizensForAnimalShelterOC

    Listen up everyone, Please! The people who are RESPONSIBLE are the Orange County Board of Supervisors. The current OC Animal shelter is understaffed and underfunded. It can not serve the amount of people it contracts to serve, which is two (2) million people. It was built during World War II and is falling apart and unhealthy. Advocates have been trying to get the Orange County Supervisors (the responsible entity) to replace that shelter as well as build a satellite shelter in North and South counties so that they can properly serve the population!!! But the OC Supervisors just keep making promises and last year ONLY contributed $253,096 to the $18 million OC shelter budget! THE BALANCE IS PAID BY THE CONTRACT CITIES AND FEES FROM TAXPAYERS. The Supervisors have proven their ignorance and they seem to care only about their next power job and what will get them there!! Animals are being euthanized/killed for unwarranted reasons, the moral is poor. You would think we lived in the 50s in the south!!!! THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO CONTACT THEIR OWN CITY COUNCILS and tell them to withdraw from contracting with the county and join with neighboring cities to build pro humane animal shelters of their own. I’ve emailed the Huntington Beach City council on this before as well as the other contract cities. Please check out our face book page; Citizens for Animal Shelter, Orange County.

    • Maria Vasquez

      “Advocates” are doing nothing but try to get more money to warehouse more vicious dogs and recirculate them. “Advocates” do nothing about the problem, which is the breeders flooding the area with vicious dogs, and that are unregulated, and need to be. “Advocates” are just helping dog breeders and dog fighters cause more problems and cost people money and potentially their lives too.

  • JS

    Sue animal control, and the owners. This dog should have been euthanized after the first bite

    • kaththee

      Not so fast. FIRST try them, hang them and then sue their estate.

  • Jason Fraser

    I hope Veronica Nguyen and her husband sue the owner of that mauler and OCAC and the verdict is in the millions. Back before the “control” was removed from “animal control” and replaced with “care,” people weren’t being attacked by dangerous dogs every day. Animal control departments were created to “control” dogs, i.e., protect people from dogs, not to feed, shelter, assess and place dogs for adoption. Every animal “care” officer in the US should be fired and replaced by good, old-fashioned dog catchers who care more about human beings than they do about dogs. There should be zero tolerance for aggressive dogs. If a dog so much as growls at a human, it should be put down. No second chances, no hearings, no appeals — they should be put down immediately following the first sign of trouble.

    • OCservant_Leader

      You are right about this. It’s all coming back to me. Animal Control was under Public Health by State law (to control diseases and protect the public). The County Council who spoke up against scheme? Not to be heard from again.

      When the Board of Sups needed to award EA Steve Franks with “Director” designation (pension spiking) they needed to carve up the bureaucracy to create a new Agency. Was this well planned? Nope – it was a chaotic mess.

      He had to rely on advice from his wife who was Budget Manager for Animal Control. The public didn’t know where to go or who was in charge? They got referred to “Tammy”. The employees were sympathetic to public but were powerless.

      New Agency is “branded” as a Service – a public/private partnership to benefit private companies who can advertise and make a profit off public services and make open donations to politicians.

      For example : “Chase Financial brings you OC Animal Care Services”! Really?
      It’s a goofy hybrid the Repugs cooked up and are testing to see if the public catches on.

      New Agency became a safe harbor for EAs and other appointees to hide & stay on payroll. Didn’t the DAs clerk girlfriend/wife land there? It sure made it easy to cut Million dollar checks to donors. I’m sure the DA wouldn’t want to investigate Franks who took in his wife and contributed >100K to his personal pocket and literally millions in pension building.

      They are busy, busy, busy cooking up schemes – building their pension. Where else in the Country are the politicians running public service scams like this. Usually they run separate scams- here in OC they are two heads on the same vicious dog. This is how a previous “vicious” dog can bite a pregnant women. Cha Ching!

      • David Zenger

        “When the Board of Sups needed to award EA Steve Franks with “Director” designation (pension spiking) they needed to carve up the bureaucracy to create a new Agency. Was this well planned? Nope – it was a chaotic mess.”

        Yes, this was exactly what happened. It was the illegitimate brainchild of the egregious Alisa Drakodaidas, Mistress of a Million Miserable Managerial Misfires.

        She later claimed this amalgamation of completely unconnected services somehow saved the County $12,000,000, although she was never able to demonstrate it.

      • ARParent

        So much has changed because VETS have recently changed their “oath” to remove public safety from what they swear to do. It’s now all about “animal welfare” so VETS need to be completely eliminated from all public safety discussions.

        • DB Bell

          Excellent point! I was not aware of that. How would we look that up?

          There’s gold in them thar pit bulls!

          • Marisa Nordstrom

            DB Bell – yeh, “them thar pit bulls” are a bottomless pit of reconstructive surgery for innocent people and their pets that survive the “work” of these fighting breed beasts. Ban them into oblivion, get them out of the commercialized pet population.

        • Mary

          do you have a link to that recently changed “oath?”

        • Maria Vasquez

          Many of these veterinarians work for the financial interests of breeder lobbying groups, like the AKC, that support vicious dogs and support weakening animal control laws and returning vicious dogs to owners to attack again.

          The AKC lobbies aggressively in OC.

      • Maria Vasquez

        Thank you for your information. There needs to be a public investigation blowing this whole thing open because these people are going to murder someone.

        • OCservant_Leader

          I agree.

          Yes it was pointed out that animals don’t vote etc.. But everyone CARES about animals and everyone irregardless of party expects appointed County Officals to do their job.

          One 75 year old shelter for a County of 3 Million? This is the leadership the Board of Supe’s ” Ace” the best of thier EAs can do?

          This whole Agency is so poorly managed and executed it would be an embarrassment if it didn’t cause a hazard to the public and abuse animals along the way.

          If their mastermind scheme is to push cities out of the service- this is sick.

          I hope more employees feel safe in speaking up.

    • John Claxton

      So if someone comes onto your property, and your dog growls at this stranger, you think the dog should be put down? Oh brother!

      • Anthony Earl Wong

        What are you talking about? The articles says that the owner was walking his 2 dogs on the same street as the pregnant woman, then the dog lunges at her and takes a chunk out of her arm. The dog was not on his property. Further, what kind of owner (with dog on leash?) lets a dog with behavior problems get close enough to another person to allow it to injure another person?

        • Maria Vasquez

          Antthony, sadly there are a whole population of people who get a power trip from owning vicious dogs, and imtimidating and hurting people and their pets. There is a whole “advocacy” movement around that sociopathy, and they are bullies who have political connections. There is a whole population of people also making money from breeding and selling these vicious dogs, or running unethical rescue sales businesses, that also put pressure on unethical governments employees to give them lots of leeway.

        • John Claxton

          I was responding to Jason’s comment above who states that any dog who growls at a human should be put down!

  • OCservant_Leader

    OMG! County better get out the checkbook for this one.

    If the VofOC were to investigate – the animal shelter’s “Administrative Hearing” process the EAs cooked – up the public could see how this mismanagement happens.

    Initially it was a hot topic the Board of Supes was leveraging for self-promotion -(maybe Spitzer’s round one?) I don’t recall. Once they got an EA to add this to their pension portfolio-Then they lost interest and it was left to someone – anyone who could shut the employees up.

    I believe the person selected to implement this vicious dog & barking dog ordinance was that “Tammy” person referenced in an earlier response. She is a thug – meth/biker type – HS dropout.

    Perfect barrier to put between public and EA.

    Please interview her!

    • John Claxton

      Tammy the Troll! Not thug. Get it right.

      • Jackie Jenkins

        put the nasty dangerous thing to sleep

  • separationcs

    This is criminal. The OC AC (as with all animal control around the country), need to be held accountable when these maulers do what they do best – attack, maim and kill. They have long put animals’ lives before humans; this needs to STOP!