• Gobby

    Yes Orange County routinely loses evidence the prosecutors are corrupt slippery career at any cost pole climbers, but hey! Daniel Patrick Wozniak is a monster and fully deserves to pay the ultimate price.

  • Andrew Ian Murphy

    Hey man, Mr. Herr, where is the justice for your the victim of your own child?

  • Jacki Livingston

    Truth! They were told about criminal abuses of nursing home patients, some of whom died as a result, and that county employees were involved, and they didn’t even want to hear it. How they can call themselves public servants is completely mystifying to me.

  • Steve Herr

    Juri “Julie” Kibuishi was Sam’s tutor, not his girlfriend.

  • Steve Herr

    Mr. Sanders has taken a case that should have taken place three years ago and has created long, undue delays to pursue a personal vendetta against the OC prosecutor’s Office, the OC Sheriff’s Dept, and Orange County’s judges! First and foremost, WOZNIAK’S TRIAL WILL NOT USE ANY INFORMANTS OR INFORMANTS’ STATEMENTS WHATSOEVER!!!! Mr. Sanders KNEW this years ago, yet continues to pursue a matter which is moot! This case has NOTHING to do with informants (snitches), yet the delays continue! As the father of one of the victims (Sam Herr), I DEMAND Mr. Sanders stop these delays and let the trial go forth!

  • Paul Lucas

    Every Prosecutor, and deputy and informant in this bullshit circus act needs to be in prison. Like now!!

  • OCservant_Leader

    This is miscarriage of justice in OC…is really…really bad.

    • Andrew Ian Murphy

      Government corruption? How do you know the guy is even guilty?

      We ought to have a trial no? Or, is that no longer being done in the United States?

  • Jacki Livingston

    Mr. Sanders, I might find your client to be a vile murderer, but your claim is way more accurate than you can imagine. You ever want to see my six boxes of documents, that the DA ignored, or my Grand Jury testimony of corruption? You call me. I will hand it all over to you.

  • kburgoyne

    Regardless of whether this legitimately applies to Wozniak or not (I make no claim either way), what the lawyers have dragged out from underneath the proverbial rug certainly does deserve sunshine shone upon it.

  • Andrew Ian Murphy

    TRED…do you know why they keep it secret? Because the way it works is like this; they have a defendant on trial and they have nothing on him…so they have one of their informants transferred into a temporary holding cell where they have also sent the defendant. Then, later on the snitch comes forward out of his good hearted interest, and says that the defendant confess to the entire crime and provides unpublicized details that only the cops and the guilty party would have.

    The game here is that the man never even spoke to the defendant and there was no confession…the details were provided to him by the prosecutors office, secretly…and what they say in court is this…”The informant was so horrified, he came forward of his own good will…and he has nothing to benifit from this, nor does he have a relationship to us, or the defense…and, as you can all plainly see from the sheriff departments records, he was in the transfer cell at the same time of the defendant…”

    It’s not just a game…it’s a horrendous crime against the system of justice that our founding fathers built…specifically to avoid this kind of bullshit.

    Now, for those of you who think I am just a wandering nut, whose opinion may or may not matter…allow me to introduce myself to you properly…

    My name is Andrew Ian Murphy, and I am the brother of Matt Murphy, the prosecutor who oversees your criminal justice in homicides in Orange county…and I assure you my friends, if you knew him as I know him, you would make absolutely certain to lock your doors at night, as I myself do, not because of the Wozniaks of the world, but for the Matt Murphy’s, because I assur eyou all, that man is 100 percent insane.

    • Aurora Vaughn

      I looked up your brother because I thought he’s hot for a D.A. and was happy he put that A – hole killer TO DEATH ( deservingly) the one who threw over a retired couple about to start their golden years together and enjoy their new grandchild, overboad with an anchor attached to them into the middle of the ocean ALIVE so they can be tortured in their minds knowing that their death is certain as they run out of air as they are weighted to the bottom, & he seems like a familiar face in my crime shows I watch and I get curious about peoples lives so I googled…. and I see a bunch of blogging,literature,comments,essays,novels about how much you hate your brother ( and by the way due to your way of writing and your admitted behaviors make me think you are still in your teens? am I correct?) Why do you hate the dude so much? PS. The DA’s job is to piece together evidence that tell a “probably” story since there is no human way to know the exact truth of what happened and of someones guilt ,which is why they have trials because if we were able to see or be certain of someones guilt we’d just throw them in jail for the time they need to be according to type the crime. DA’s show facts, and circumstancial evidence is one big “probably” “most likely” because we cant be 100 % ITS his job to make a compelling case against who HE thinks are bad people….and its the JURY’s decision for the actual fate. so in reality you cant blame your bro completely….its the jurors who ACCEPT what he is presenting and ultimately seal the fate. Your bro is just one half of a fair system , he believes in their guilt but says well we will just leave it up to THE PEOPLE to decide if Im seeing this correctly or not. so the jurors he persuades co sign on his thoughts.

      • Andrew Ian Murphy

        Unfortunately, you are very wrong. Innocent until PROVEN guilty meanss just that, it doesn’t mean PROBABLY guilty. Also, if you thought someone was guilty, is it ok then to manufacture evidence to prove it? Thats what he does. Also, one of the guys they sentenced to death wasn’t even present during the murders. What’s up with that? Oh, yes I remember, he was black.