Collins: Kindness Never Looked So Mean in Anaheim

I’m really looking forward to hearing Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quesada this week publicly address the meanness of his officers as they enforce the city council’s misguided and cruel policy of shooing homeless residents from public parks.

Interested residents should consider stopping by this Wednesday for the weekly Los Amigos meeting at the Jagerhaus Restaurant on 2525 East Ball Road in Anaheim at 7:30 a.m. where Quesada has agreed to speak.

I’d like to ask our police chief about the attitudes of police officers at local parks as they take property away from homeless people.

Do officers have to be so mean?

Not exactly what a Good Samaritan should be doing.

Look over this video I recorded recently as one 59-year old homeless woman had her belongings, id, and blankets taken away while she was at a doctor’s appointment.


I’d ask all to please pray for this woman and others affected by Anaheim’s mean policies toward the poor.

Consider joining us Wednesday at 7:30am at Los Amigos if you would like to speak to Anaheim’s Chief of Police regarding the treatment of the homeless as he is expected to join us at this small but special German Restaurant.

And I do hope kindness will be on his menu.

R. Joshua Collins is a Christian homeless activist who lives on Anaheim’s streets and has spent the last year chronicling the city’s treatment of homeless living at city parks. He maintains a Facebook page, Homeless Advocates for Christ.


  • GreyWolf62

    When a group of people come into an area and lower property values and lower the standard of living for the incumbent group, what should the people being harmed do? Why should someone who is paying money to live in an area be asked to subsidize people who are not paying to live in that area? Why should the homeless be allowed to live in public parks and as a result, deprive the local children from being able to play in that public park? If I’m paying, my rules. If you are paying, your rules. You can’t refuse to pay and insist on making the rules. How is that fair to the people footing the bill? I am pro-people, anti-bank, anti-Judicial process, but fair.

  • Jacki Livingston

    Bless you for the work you do. But take it from someone who knows first hand. These politicos don’t give a hoot about the homeless. When I once asked a senior manager at SSA why, he said that they don’t vote, so they don’t count. That is verbatim.

    • octaxpayer

      I was once in a very nice restaurant near Anaheim Hills around a election time. A bunch of politicians came in and I over heard one say this is OC they do not matter. Meaning all OC voters.

      • Jacki Livingston

        Yeah, that is true. We need someone who can have the charisma and message to get the voters fired up. If that day ever came, this bunch of sociopathic narcissists would be in a lot of trouble.

  • Jason Sumague-Young

    You need to record this.