• David Zenger

    Great that Pulido’s Pals are off the gig. Still, can anybody justify (with a straight face) the need for a multi-hundred million dollar trolley to take people a few miles from downtown Santa Ana to Garden Grove?

    Lots of people are probably doing “cartwheels” over this boondoggle. Including the politicians on OCTA who can farm the contractors, consultants, and engineers for their beak-wetting scrilla.

  • Cynthia Ward

    City officials claimed that ARTIC would have over 10,000 riders on its various transit services – including buses, taxis, airport shuttles and trains – by opening day. That estimate came from a 2009 project needs assessment study by Los Angeles-based Cordoba Corp. That assessment has since proven to be off on a variety of levels.


    • Yep. What is the cost of the $185 million to Anaheim residents by the way? That was supposed to create jobs wasn’t it?

      I don’t see the attraction of people taking a street-car through Santa Ana. Btw, I believe Cordoba is George Pla who was involved with Pulido and Amezcua on that failed Santa Ana Bank project.

  • John Claxton

    Pulido no doubt was in the hallway on the phone trying to extort more money from whoever the beneficiary of the project was. This guy is as corrupt as they come.