Collins: Unjust arrests in Anaheim for Filming Police?

Thanks to the work of many dedicated individuals who video tape police and speak out for the homeless, Anaheim’s Police Chief, Raul Quesada, has decided to halt all seizures of property that the homeless have with them until further review of our videos and testimonies.

It seems the Chief believes something may not be quite right and this is great news for those homeless individuals who have been crushed by these oppressive property confiscation policies!

ACLU officials recently spoke out against the unlawful tactics of Anaheim PD at Los Amigos community group recently.

But now the question is, will the charges be dropped against Lou Noble and I?

For those of you who don’t know, both of us were arrested while filming Anaheim PD on September 30th.

I was arrested by Srgt. Boyer and Lou was arrested by Srgt. Lozeau.

If you believe we should still have the right to film police in Anaheim and that these charges should be dropped against us, please contact the City Attorney’s office and let him know that you want these charges of, “PC 148 (A) 1 – Obstruction/Resisting/ and or Delaying” dropped against both Roussan Joshua Collins and Lou Noble.

This is what we are charged with – you can watch the videos, and then you decide.

Are these arrests retaliation for our work in uncovering unjust policies by Anaheim PD, or are we truly hardened criminals who deserve to be jailed as we work to stand up for the homeless and helpless.

You can email the city attorney at and his office phone is 714-870-8200.

We also have launched an online petition at calling on the city to drop charges.

Often our rights must be fought for and are not so easily given, and your prayers and support are always needed and appreciated!

I would hate to think the right to film police could be taken from us, but on Sept. 30th that is exactly what happened in Anaheim.

If you would like please do join my Facebook group, “Homeless Advocates for CHRIST” and pray these charges are dropped soon. We certainly need all the support and prayers we can get! (see video)

  • Luis Noble-Perez

    Sometimes we have to sacrifice a little jail time for justice on false charges to be heard. Thanks to our arrest, videos and Joshua Collins article on the Voice of OC and mainly God who works in mysterious ways and always directs us with whats just. The homeless will finally have some peace of mind that their belonging won’t be confiscated. Now we still need to pray for safe zones for the homeless elderly, disabled, woman who are running away from abusive homes and also for the veterans and the mentally ill. We need shelters in every city soon.

  • Cynthia Ward

    Josh as I have said before, I don’t know that it is wise to have people call the City Attorney. Let’s face it, the guy is not elected, and frankly has NOBODY watching his work, getting away with all kinds of nonsense that is likely to cost the taxpayers big beyond even your case. If anything I suspect he would be more committed to busting you for all he is worth to show that he is not going to bow to “political pressure” in the execution of his law enforcement duties. Mind you his duties to enforce the law stop the second a City Council meeting starts, but hey, who’s counting.

    • Roussan Joshua Collins

      who do you think people should be writing Cynthia?

  • LFOldTimer

    I couldn’t find any report in the OC Register on this story. Do they know about it? Do they care? Since there is a video to go along with the story there shouldn’t be much doubt as to what happened. It seems reasonable that a person being arrested for seemingly exercising what should be considered a ‘civil right’, at least by Constitutional standards, would be of interest to the mainstream media who exist in part to protect the public against government intrusions and overreach, unless they’re in on it too. Mr. Collins – did you notify the Register? Just curious.

    • Roussan Joshua Collins

      I have emailed various reporters from the register with no response unfortunately. I will try to contact them again – hopefully they will follow this story soon.

    • gazoo

      Its the oc register….dont be so naive…. You think they would publish anything pro civil rights? I would check the times instead….

      • Roussan Joshua Collins

        I was just contacted by an OC register reporter named Rob Curley. Will he do a story? GOD only knows. I do hope so. I certainly have my doubts, but Rob did say he would discuss the story with his people.

        • gazoo

          Rupert Murdoch?

          • Roussan Joshua Collins

            is that a reporter? I think I may have emailed someone with that name

          • gazoo

            Its a joke…. Thats the dude who owns fox news

  • LFOldTimer

    Good Lord. Is this still America or what? So the cops can film us but we can’t film the cops? But what about that “higher standard”? I know that this is settled law in other parts of the country. Generous judgments have been awarded to individuals arrested for filming cops in the public arena. If I can film a mailman delivering the mail I should certainly have the right to film a cop as he’s talking to somebody or writing up a cite. No one should have an expectation of privacy in the public domain. If you don’t like being filmed as a cop while doing your routine job – quit and go sell insurance for a living.

    • Roussan Joshua Collins

      Amen!! Great point!!

  • David Zenger

    “Are these arrests retaliation for our work in uncovering unjust policies by Anaheim PD…”

    Of course they are.

    • Roussan Joshua Collins


  • Luis Noble-Perez

    Thanks to all who support our efforts to expose this unconstitutional policies against the people who have lost everything they had and now even their freedoms to be secure in their own persons just like our fourth amendment states. Thanks for this great article Josh and the Voice of OC.

    • Roussan Joshua Collins

      GOD bless you and thanks so much for your support and help too Lou!! Great work out there my friend! You are making a difference!

      • Luis Noble-Perez

        Thanks to God all mighty that works in mysterious ways. Our false arrest won’t be in vain.